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  1. Comp Orange Shelby Build - Frankenstang

    What happened whats new with this? We need to know how good them heads are!!!
  2. Cobra jet manifold install help please !

    Huh? Im not completely sure what you are missing or need but the 200 dollar lethat kit seems insane. Especially if you dont need the whole kit. If you only need a few lines Id call Ford Auto Nation White Bear Lake and order directly from them with out all the excess uneeded parts. Ill be in...
  3. New PB!! :) *update* 9.4@144 with a P1SC Stage 2

    People that can actually set up a car and dont need to hail marry throw money at a car are my fucking heros.
  4. New PB!! :) *update* 9.4@144 with a P1SC Stage 2

    Looks like a well sorted parts package that produces results without going full retard with the wallet!! Hell yes nice setup!
  5. E85 gas mileage?

    LOL E85 is not for mileage its for horsepower........
  6. Rear Sway Bar: GT350 vs GT350R

    I get it but the front sway and bushings are FR3Z so is the rear bar. Rear GT350R bushing is NOT FR3Z
  7. Tune voids warranty?

    Heres how simple this issue is. A can you afford to fix the vehicke after its been modified? Answer no then you shouldnt be modding the vehicle at all or stick with FRPP PP1/2/3 or FRPP blower kits that are OEM approved and or dealer installed. Gotta pay to play. Cheap, Fast, Reliable you...
  8. Rear Sway Bar: GT350 vs GT350R

    Yeah i need to order the F2GZ-5493-C for GT350R rear bushings
  9. Rear Sway Bar: GT350 vs GT350R

    GT350R front and rear sways showed up today. This threads a damn mess BTW :headbonk: I somehow either got the wrong rear bushings or asked for the wrong ones. I dunno. Anyways FR3Z-5482-J = GT350R FRONT SWAY BAR. FR3Z-5484-C = GT350R FRONT BUSHING. FR3Z-5A772-E = GT350R REAR SWAY BAR...
  10. Is all horsepower created equal?

    At what RPM? I HIGHLY doubt that 70MM made 700wtq under 3-3500 rpm....... Im not talking peak whp/wtq im talking downlow like you 1st said.
  11. 2015-17 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Packs

    Man I wish everyone would do this!! Learn something especially when all 3 kits are super simple! This follows rule #2 of modding vehicles!! Thy shall not pay for someone to do work one can do with their own 2 hands. Shortly followed by modding cars rule #1!! Thy shall NEVER...
  12. Is all horsepower created equal?

    Huh? pretty sure the PD blower guys would have something to say about that...... Down low a PD blower will make more until the turbos are spooled and take over. Plus TQ also has a lot to do with cubic inches which a little 5.0 doesnt have no matter what type of FI is being used.
  13. Is all horsepower created equal?

    https://m.facebook.com/1448716368696536/photos/a.1448718825362957.1073741827.1448716368696536/2115219588712874/?type=3&source=48&__tn__=EH-R Saywhen......Damn that looks good
  14. 2015-17 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Packs

    https://parts.autonationfordwhitebearlake.com/power-packs-power-pack-2-m-9603-m8a?parent=1110 thats like 200 less....... https://parts.autonationfordwhitebearlake.com/power-packs-power-pack-3-m-9452-m8?parent=1110 thats like 300 less..........
  15. OPG install gurus, HELP please read asap, in middle of install

    I thought there was a how to stickied for this aroumd thisnsite somewhere?
  16. Is all horsepower created equal?

    I tried saying that in a different thread the OP made but everyone looked at me like i was nuts.. LOL
  17. Team Beefcake Racing, first 18 to break 1000 rwhp??

    Im surprised a centri was 1st to hit 1k