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  1. Where are your next events?

    I'll be at VIR for the 12-13 Sep event as well.
  2. Where are your next events?

    Summit Point -Shenandoah on 15 and 16 August with SCCA
  3. SCCA SA Rated Helmet

    +1 on this helmet. I got mine off Amazon and it is a very comfortable helmet. They also sell an open face version of it, fits exactly the same as the full face.
  4. Cup 2 track day tire life or another tire for Hpde?

    Interesting that you thought the Supercar had better grip than the RS4. Quite a few 1LE guys are using the RS4 in a square 305 setup and reporting quicker times. I for one will be sticking with the Supercars because I like the way they feel, both on track and in autocross.
  5. Cup 2 track day tire life or another tire for Hpde?

    I have not run the Supercar 3Rs on my car, only the Supercar 3s. However, I would imagine you would still be aiming for the same hot pressure of 35, starting around 28. If I remember correctly from my PP2 this was the same hot pressure as you would aim for on the Cup2s.
  6. Where are your next events?

    Which group are you running with? SCCA on Summit Main or Hooked on Driving on the Shenandoah circuit?
  7. anyone modify factory GT350R Recaro's for anti-sub belt?

    This is what NASA mid-atlantic told me during tech inspection at VIR
  8. Are you kidding me??? Cooling Post

    I really wish this thread had been around before I bought my 2018 PP2, would have stopped me dead in my tracks. I guess the fact that my Coyote gnawed itself to bits early on was really a blessing in disguise.
  9. anyone modify factory GT350R Recaro's for anti-sub belt?

    Before you go this route and spend time and money, you should check with the organizers. I tried to go a similar route with the recaros in my 1LE: that is a custom anchor setup so that I could sit on the anti-subs. For NASA it was a no-go.
  10. Cup 2 track day tire life or another tire for Hpde?

    Ahhh my bad. They are also available in 19" sizes now too. Here is the link for the 19s: https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Goodyear&tireModel=Eagle+F1+Supercar+3&partnum=03YR9F1S3XL&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes
  11. Cup 2 track day tire life or another tire for Hpde?

    Just to throw it out there, but you may also want to consider the OEM Camaro SS1LE tires, the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3. They are now made in the 305/30/19 sizes and hold up really well on track, even with cars as heavy as ours. Pace might be slightly slower than the RS4s. Here is the...
  12. Where are your next events?

    Will be at VIR next Saturday with NASA for their VIRus50 on the full course.
  13. Where are your next events?

    Should have been finishing up my 2nd or 3rd session at VIR today with NASA. In two weeks I won't be going to Dominion Raceway with SCCA either. Just got done setting up my G920 for some iRacing and Forza JD
  14. Where are your next events?

    Sounds good. I'll be in my SS 1LE wearing either #62 or #29 depending on NASA's registration process. I rented a garage to have someplace to hide if the weather stinks. JD
  15. TrackAddict or RaceChrono

    I use TrackAddict with a GoPro Hero 7 and a PLX Devices Kiwi 3 for data recording. I really like the TrackAddict because it works well with RaceRender and the data from the Kiwi 3 seems spot on. Here is a video of my last outing at Dominion Raceway using this combination:
  16. Where are your next events?

    In which group do you run? I plan on being out there too in HPDE2-solo all 3 days.
  17. Seat movement during HPDE

    Had the same issue with my old Focus ST with Recaros. I ended up using a pair of Whiteline KLL122 Alloy Sway bar clamps (22mm size) to keep the seat from shifting side to side. There is a bar that runs perpendicular to the seat in the Focus Recaros. Might be the same setup with the Mustang...
  18. First trip to the track coming up

    Hey Sam, First off, good on ya for getting to the track. It's the best way to enjoy the car at speed in a safe environment. Here are some answers to your questions: 1) When starting, do they space the cars out a bit, or do they just let a class go at a time? NASA and SCCA, and probably most...
  19. Hallowed Ground Track Day 10/19/19 - Signature Wheel X Ford Performance Racing School @ UMC

    Wish it wasn't so far away. Would be fun to be there in my 1LE :)