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  1. Anyone regret buying a ragtop vs a coupe?

    I'm on my 9th Mustang convertible--I'm an old guy; my first one was a new '67 when I was 18--and I've owned them in the North, the South, California, the mid-Atlantic states and overseas, but none of them have never been my daily driver; they've all been garage queens when not being driven and...
  2. What to do with my mustang ecoboost. Young driver needs help.

    I put a Borla ATAK on my EcoBoost several years back at the Ford Nationals and I'm very satisfied with it. Just make sure that you deal with a vendor who will let you listen to the one in which you're interested; that is, before you make your decision, listen to one which he has installed on...
  3. Are there different speakers in a convertible vs coupe?

    I plan to leave well-enough alone. I'm satisfied with what I have--they sound great. RJ
  4. Are there different speakers in a convertible vs coupe?

    That was my initial thought, too. It would be good if we could verify that.
  5. Are there different speakers in a convertible vs coupe?

    I have a '15 EcoBoost convertible with a Shaker system and a '20 GT with a B&O system and the sound in both is outstanding--with the top up and the top down. I have no complaints whatsoever. However, if there are 12 speakers in each of these cars, I would like to know where they're located--I...
  6. Like father like son...or...like son like father?

    Being an old guy (I'm 74) and a U.S. Army veteran, I couldn't be happier for him. Please pass along to him my very best. Airborne! RJ
  7. Whats my friend need to win at shows?

    Absolutely--that's been my experience and there are no two ways around it. You either need dump a lot of money into modifications and/or cosmetics to attract the attention of those who vote and that's no guarantee. RJ

    I, too, have run the Dragon, but not on or over the center line--a great ride indeed. RJ
  9. Well… F$@k!

    Agree fully--you're right on the edge.
  10. Tires: Good performance in summer; still safe in the rain

    I've been running Pilot A/S 3+ on my EcoBoost for over 25,000 miles. We have cold weather around here from time-to-time during the winter months, but I never drive mine in the snow, so a three season tire is must, as I like to drive mine year round when the weather is decent. For what it's...
  11. Old guy Mustang questions.

    Bill, I'm 74 and my granddaddy told me the same thing. Great minds think alike. RJ
  12. Old guy Mustang questions.

    My experience is the same as yours--around 26 MPG on the highway with a GT premium convertible in 6th gear driving 70-75 on 93; manual transmission, performance pack and active exhaust. Also have a 15 EB premium convertible with performance pack; manual transmission, Borla performance exhaust...
  13. Custom Data Plates

    Y'all-- Reference, attached photo of a customized data plate. Does anyone know of the vendor who markets this product? Thanks, RJ
  14. High Opening Hood Lifts

    Bill, I have Redline on mine and I am very satisfied. The are sold by various vendors, so shop around to find the best price. CJ Pony Parts link is-- https://www.cjponyparts.com/redline-tuning-hood-strut-kit-quicklift-elite-bolt-in-mustang-ecoboost-gt-2018-2022/p/HDGL40/ RJ
  15. Fabric Top Sun Protection?

    I use RaggTop Your top should be cloth and it is manufactured by Haartz. Haartz recommends RaggTopp, which is what I use. RJ
  16. ??2022 GT Convertible???

    If it is still under warranty, take it back to the dealer and have them fix it.
  17. Big insurance increase (State Farm)--anyone else?

    It is. Have been with USAA for years and what you discovered was the same as my shopping around.