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  1. Paxton Recipe for 800-850ish?

    Had a Whipple on my S550 and loved it, but I have a 13 Boss now and figured I would ask this here since its essentially the same motor. I don't want to get rid of the Boss intake on the car since it has the number plate. and have Been eyeing a Paxton setup. For fuel I think ID1050x and a Fore...
  2. Best Way to find PP2 cars?

    I have been searching Autotrader for Key words like Magneride and 3.73 but it seems like either these cars are insanely rare or I’m doing something wrong. I have found maybe 2 within 500 miles of me. Any ideas?
  3. VMP Gen 3 dynos?

    Not seeing too many threads or did I just miss them? I saw Chris’s black car which didn’t last long lol any others out there? About to grab another S550 and was leaning towards another Gen 3 whipple but figured I would look into the 2.650
  4. Whipple 2.9

    Selling my Whipple kit. Reason for selling is going a different route. Pretty nice kit, has 5k miles on it. No weird noises or anything. The basics are whipple 2.9 head unit, Dual fan heat exchanger 132MM TB 3.5 upper Pulley Whipple fuel rails and everything needed to install is included. UPR...
  5. Spec clutch review..

    Thought you boosted guys might like to read this.. I installed the spec stage 3+ clutch and fly wheel in my car last week. i saw it was a sprung hub and rate to 875 ft/lb which should be nice for my street driven and rarely tracked whipple car right? Did 500 miles in town to break it in...
  6. Spec stage 3+ review...boosted

    installed the spec stage 3+ clutch and fly wheel in my car last week. did 500 miles in town to break it in. LITERALLY, the first WOT 3-4 shift I did broke 4th gear. 6r80 time I guess..
  7. Head Studs/Head gaskets etc\

    What Head Studs and Head gaskets is everyone running? after Street car takeover in July I am going to tear the top end of the motor off and do head gaskets, head studs, and L&M intake cams before I take on the Arkansas Mile. Any recommendations or articles to read before I jump in?
  8. rotor break in?

    My stock rotors were toast from slowing down at a few half mile events. Picked up some new powerstop rotors, not drilled or slotted or anything fancy. I noticed they came with no break in instructions. a few years ago I had drilled and slotted rotors on my Terminator and I had to heat cycle...
  9. 2016 Comp Orange Coyote. Whipple 1/2 Mile killer

    So before I get started, What site is everyone using to host their images? or do they just Attach them below? So I bought the Car in July of 2016 as the 17's were coming in and they were trying to push the 16s out. I had a Black performance pack 2015 before this but it drove me nuts trying to...
  10. 2 car garage/ Workshop

    Thinking about building a 2 car Garage/Workshop behind the house and I am wondering if anyone has any pictures of there they could share? I see a lot of pictures on the internet but id like to hear owners feedback of how they like it, what they would change. etc?
  11. Wavetrac?

    I know this is more of a drivetrain topic but I wanted to see if any boosted guys were running the Wavetrac Differential and if so, how do you like it? I am likely going 6r80 and would like to make sure everything is ready to take a beating
  12. Spec stage 3+

    I don't want to hear how great a twin disk is... Who's running this clutch and how do you like it?
  13. Whipple Gen 3 dyno guesses

    Curious to see what you guys think it'll make. I'm not really sure Gen 3 2.9 10 Rib. I have a 4 inch and 3.75 upper with a 20% lower. 132mm TB Cat deletes Catback Lund tuning on E85 Open box cold air on it
  14. Whipple Oil

    Bought a used Gen 3 and would like to change the oil in it, what does it require?
  15. VMP 2.650

    Thought I'd make this thread as I'm really excited about it. Who will be getting one? I believe i will if it bolts up to my current lower manifold! Edit..VMP has pictures on their Facebook. At work and can't post them at the moment
  16. Fuel pump issue

    Got a tvs car with 56lb injectors and Vmp bap. About once a week it blows the #49 fuel pump fuse. I upped it to a 40a and it happened less often, but still happens. What could it be? Just running 93 octane nothing crazy. Also when I put a new fuse in it takes forever to start back up, what do...
  17. 1/2 mile thread!

    So I thought I'd make this thread since I know several of us run the 1/2 mile and it may become a good thread for info and for us to power adder guys to bounce ideas off each other in regards to speeds, fuel etc! Hope the mods don't mind? With this said I'm looking forward to the wannagofast...
  18. Cams?

    Anyone got any info on cams for these cars? I'd like to get a 350 to go beside my tvs coyote and would want at least 550rwhp n/a. Cost isn't an issue
  19. tvs supporting mods

    ordered my vmp tvs, lund tune, OPG, and CS last week. got about $1k left over to do some supporting mods. car is literaly bone stock. MT-82..3.31 gear. i was thinking MGW shifter, clutch line, and lowering springs?
  20. Fastest MT82 with a Centrifugal blower?

    Any go bottom10s high 9s? Haven't really seen many videos of them, did see one black car on Facebook going up against a tvs coyote and a ctsv and it seemed to run pretty good, but no track times. Getting blown by a tvs or Paxton in a few weeks so just trying to do some research.