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  1. Car shipping

    Auto Transport is a crappy industry. I know. we have 4 open 9 car Peterbuilt tractor trailers (at $300K+ each). We run a web site and broker enclosed and other vehicles we cant transport (not in areas we service). We are extemely diligent on who we allow to transport our brokered vehicles...
  2. What Sedan Would You Buy Coming From a Mustang GT?

    If you want something that will last, hard to beat the IS500
  3. Aggravating brake squeal with new powerstop z26's

    upgraded to the z26 rotor pad kit, no dust, no noise
  4. Hold ‘Em or Fold Em - GT v Mach 1 v ?

    I have the same questions and feeling. Would like a new Mach 1, but the prices are crazy. I am gonna wait for the s650 and hope prices return to something near normal.
  5. Differentiating between 2015-2017 and 2018-2022

    Transmission choice: Manual 15-17 Automatic 18+
  6. How do you guys “winterize” your Pony?

    Move to Florida, as an added bonus, you can run summer only tire year round
  7. Ford Mustang DARK HORSE Special Edition Trademarked

    Good luck actually finding one.
  8. 2020 Mustang GT with 27k Miles or 2022 Camaro SS

    Neither is perfect Camaro is faster and handles better. Small trunk space and driver visability concerns Mustang looks better, better interior and has a useable trunk
  9. Dealer can’t program key fob because of tune?

    Try an Auto Zone or local lock smith
  10. Ford Mustang is #12 Most Price Marked Up Vehicle (Over MSRP)

    Looks like I will be hanging on to my 17' for a while
  11. 2023 Florida Special Edition GT

    Cammo paint job and 33" mudders
  12. Brakes and rotors installed

    I have the same Powerstop Z26 drilled/slotted rotors and pads on my 17 GT PP. No dust, same stopping power as stock pads, maybe a bit more pedal than stock. That first stop of the day cold bite is abrupt. No noise, no dust. The look cool
  13. How can I determine if 19' GT has MagRide

    I am remotely looking at a Supercharged 19' GT. Can I tell from the dash or from a setting if the car has magride?
  14. Stealth Edition 2022 Mustang Announced & California Special Adds GT Performance Package

    It's the Stealth edition, cause you wont be able to find one at a dealership.
  15. Car shipping

    I am late to this thread. https://shawautocarriers.com/about-us/ is a company I own. We have 6 open carriers. We also work as a broker for those vehicles we can get on our trucks. We are a small company, not a call center. If you contact us you will get either my business partner or...
  16. When will Mustangs be back in production

    The title says it all
  17. 2021 Mach 1 Reviews Compilation

    Do what?
  18. 2021 Mach 1 Reviews Compilation

    The camaro's big problem is impracticality, you can see out of it and the trunk space is non existent. If you want al lthat, just buy a vette. The stang is a pony car you can live with, the camaro is no.