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  1. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    it was sitting. i wasn't driving it and i was paying for it. plus insurance was gonna kill me. i make good money but not that good 😂 and the build was plateuing cause i lost motivation. got into something that i have no experience in so hopefully my passion is reunited.
  2. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    yeah malone got those from me! thanks man. they were some shitty little reps to hold me over while i got my cr3p built. i actually sold my mustang yesterday. i did have them shipped from the US. they dint make this color anymore, and the black ones are on back order unfortunately. your car...
  3. Another Alignment Thread

    Rear alignment on the s550s is admittedly a pain. It takes a lot of back and forth adjustments, thus a lot of time. If you're not patient, you won't get it. This shop evidently cares more about quantity over quality. Oh well, i'll find another shop.
  4. Another Alignment Thread

    Stock setup: The inner mounting point on the subframe for the arm is slotted. It's a bitch to get to and hard to do fine adjustments, but it's very very possible on a rack. A lot of people don't know how/where. Weird setup but still possible!
  5. Another Alignment Thread

    Which is weird that they'd do that, I told them I didn't care about "getting in the green" as long as the numbers were right. I'm 99% sure my requested specs are within factory anyway.. oh well. $200 down the drain, i'll take it somewhere else. Anyone in Tampa, don't take your S550 to A Plus...
  6. Another Alignment Thread

    I asked for: -1.2 F Camber 0.05 F Toe 7.5 Caster -1.5 R Camber 0.10 R Toe 0 Thrust Angle Paid 175.
  7. Another Alignment Thread

    Hey y'all. Just wanted to check up on something and get some suggestions. While I lived in Germany, I had a much MUCH curvier ride home and drove those with some enthusiasm. Just moved to Tampa FL, and my commute is now mostly flat and highway driving. I'm lowered on Steeda Ultralite Extreme...
  8. Pennsylvania Pedders extreme coil overs

    still available?
  9. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    same setup.. new tires. XXR 521 20x10.5 +30 10mm spacers up front. 255/35 Kumho ps91 Lowered on steeda extreme springs.
  10. Florida WTB/Trade Aftermarket Active Exhaust

    Ive seen it in my search, it looks like a badass deal but it doesn't seem to quiet that much from the VERY limited videos i've seen online. Wish more people had/reviewed that setup.
  11. Paint Match, am I being dramatic?

    yeah, i'm still not happy. just done dealing with insurance shops. i moved recently, i'll try and re engage with USAA and see if i can get reimbursed if i take it to a shop of my choice. it not, oh well.
  12. Pennsylvania Pedders extreme coil overs

    Hey man, are these still available?
  13. Paint Match, am I being dramatic?

    It's a USAA partnered shop in the Ramstein area of Germany. Autoshop Post. and LMAO not the two tone!! Yeah it's not perfect but im tired of dealing with insurance. Ill pay to get it fixed right.
  14. Florida WTB/Trade Aftermarket Active Exhaust

    Bump, Anyone got an aftermarket valved setup for non active cars? Willing to pay shipping or pickup in Florida. Willing to swap + cash on my side. MBRP X pipe and Solo performance axle backs.
  15. Florida WTB BC/Pedders coilover kit.

    Hey yall. Just seeing if anyone is parting with their BC or Pedders kit soon. Looking to lower the car some more. I'll buy new if no one has anything, but just looking to pay another mustang owner over a big company if possible. Willing to pay shipping or pickup in Florida. Thanks in advance.
  16. Paint Match, am I being dramatic?

    Wanted to update this thread for anyone seeking closure lol. I brought it back, they had the car for a month. Came back and instead of respraying, they told me they blended the hood and fender seams with the color of the bumper. Much better, still noticeable, but I was done dealing with it...
  17. Florida WTB/Trade Aftermarket Active Exhaust

    Ive seen this one, and i guess for the price is doesn't hurt to try it but it doesn't seem to quiet it down much at all. But the price definitely makes it a contender. cant find a lot of good testimony or good videos on this one.
  18. Florida WTB/Trade Aftermarket Active Exhaust

    bro i already bought them 😂 car gets off the ship tomorrow. i'll probably get these to hold me over til i install a system from someone here or the varex system.
  19. Florida WTB/Trade Aftermarket Active Exhaust

    Hey man, yeah I ended up reading that whole thread after smokescreen mentioned it. Looks like a recent Forscan update allows 21s to activate AE, but it seems a little sketchy lol. I wanna e85 anyway, so i'd just ask a tuner for that at that time. But I want to wire to an aftermarket switch...