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  1. P0300 random misfire

    2017 Mustang GT FBO catless E85 @~79,000 miles. I have the SCT tuner device with Ortiz tune. I was cruising on the highway this morning (4/12/23), gave it some gas and the car misfired and loss power badly, service manual light came on. I pulled into a gas station. I connected my OBD2 scan...
  2. What is the widest wheel on the front for S550 GT?

    I've been searching the forums and can't really find the answer, but what is the widest aftermarket wheel you can fit on the FRONT of the GT's w/o modification? It seems from tirerack, AM, etc that it's 9.5". Essentially I am wondering can you not 305's+ all around? Thanks
  3. Rookie GT

    I have a 17‘ mustang GT. I bought the 18‘ intake with GT 350 throttlebody, JLT cold air intake & 47 lb Ford performance injectors, Bama rev X tuner & I have a Flowmaster cat back exhaust. Me & the old man (the real grease monkey haha) are putting all it on this weekend. Can I get an opinion...