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    I appreciate all your help. I just looked, the quote was with one step colder plugs included not sure which ones. Prob need a thermostat as well.

    Am I allowed to disclose the cost OTD for parts and install? Curious if its a decent deal.. Being quoted 20 hrs for whipple And 7 hrs for opg/cg= 27hrs

    Yea from what i heard no one will send tunes to Ca for E85. That sucks on the Mach 1 kit.

    Im not sure how indepth they go as far as the ECU. I just remember reading a while back about the tunes and key strokes for ignition cycles. I wouldn't put it past them to be able to. I have about 8 months and i can relocate to another state within my company. I've had enough of this...

    I don't think that will work because we can't get E85 tunes sent to Ca residents. We are now stuck with whatever canned tune the CARB legal kit comes with. I also read somewhere that the emissions stations can tell when the tunes are changed in ECU by ignition key strokes. Im not 100% on that.

    Ill ask about that as well. This is primarly going to be a daily driver with an a couple drag runs at most for fun. Nothing too serious. But yea since its already opened if it will help keep the engine happy i'm for it.

    Yea i was curious as well. I can only run 91 out here and don't want any fuel issues. I know the 18-21s kit come with a BAP. Maybe being direct and port injection is the reason for that idk. Im going through TBR garage out of Sac, ill ask him.

    I got a quote for the stage 2 with oversized heat exchanger, boundary oil pump gears and housing and the CG. Considering adding the GT350 chain and MMR secondary tensioner while its open. Noticed there is no bap but only injectors. Curious if the stock pump is enough. Can't go fuel system...

    I had a compression test and leak down test done on my engine in prep for a whipple install. Here are my readings on a 16' with 62k miles. Compression. Leak down 1. 215psi 1. 2% 2. 210psi. 2. 0% 3. 200psi. 3. 0% 4. 220 psi. 4. 10% 5. 220 psi...
  10. Insurance went up 200%

    Wonder if mother nature has been demoted. Sometimes things aren't natural anymore.. All ill say
  11. Rear wheel bearing shavings?

    I recently replaced the left rear wheel hub due to the popping/metal pinging sounds. Not to bad of a job. Did it without removing suspension. 4 hub bolts were a bit difficult. What is this black shaving all over the oem bearing? Spun fine, no noise or play. Thrust washer was worked.
  12. Hood struts

    Well Roush went silent on me after asking if I had the pedestrian safety hood. Told him thats only for European market. In fairness they did send me a second set. Just shit luck. Eat it and move on.
  13. Hood struts

    Wondering if one of you guys with this Roush kit could snap a pic of the strut specs. Mine are- 913241 0355N 154/21 C 28. Found out that 355N means 80lbs. So i have two 80lbs struts for this aluminum hood?
  14. Hood struts

    Really appreciate you checking for me. Mine are setup like yours. Im just glad i didnt bend my hood. It stays up no problem...haha
  15. Hood struts

    Ok...well i got it right apparently. Watched that video a few times before install. No clue whats happening. Guess ill just cross reference the struts for another brand if i can find them.
  16. Hood struts

    Got a question for you. I ordered the kit from CJ... installed everything and the struts are locked up. Damn near bent the hood trying to close. Called up Roush got 2 more replacements and same exact thing. I find it hard to believe i got 4 bad struts from two different locations. I did...
  17. First Dyno test

    Ill call up a shop to get that done. I didnt have any luck attempting it a few months ago.
  18. First Dyno test

    Decided not to go. It aint worth the headache. They have some reputable shops in Sacramento. Ill make the drive. Thanks for all the replies.
  19. First Dyno test

    I just want to know if the engine is running right and its rather healthy for FI. If im in the ballpark all is good. It does have a Corsa sport. Thats it though.
  20. First Dyno test

    I dont think they do. Mostly hotrods. If it looks sketchy I'll bounce. Got good reviews. And nothing around me really.