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  1. Cyber Monday Continues at Steeda! H-Pipes/X-Pipes/Springs

    The savings continue here at Steeda - make sure you get your wish list completed! www.steeda.com
  2. Cyber Week Sales Start Now!

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  3. Steeda Black Friday/Cyber Week Promotions 2023 - Starts Today!

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  4. Steeda Black Friday - The Wait is Almost Over!!!

    Hello 6G: The sale hasn't dropped yet for the S550 ... but we are getting close. Now is a good time to start to put together your wishlist &/or see the other deals we have available! https://www.steeda.com/special-offers
  5. What Size Wheels Are Best for Your Mustang?

    When it comes to swapping out your factory wheels, it feels like there are endless options and measurements that you need to take into account to get the best fitment and performance. Depending on what you plan to do with your car, as well as the specific trim, you may not be able to run certain...
  6. Better than Whipple? 2023 Stage 2 ProCharged Mach 1 Mustang Hits the Dyno!

    So you want to make more power? With so many options and projected numbers to go off of, it's hard to decide what power adder is right for you. We get a lot of different vehicles on our dyno and that includes this 2023 Mach 1 Mustang that we just wrapped up installing a stage 2 Procharger kit...
  7. They Couldn't Believe It Was a 4 Cylinder! | Autocross & Drag Racing at Mustang Week 2023

    We have a new favorite day at Mustang Week and this is it! Motorsports Day at Darlington Dragway was a blast as we brought both our new 2024 Mustang GT and our fully track-built EcoBoost S550. It's one thing to show people on video how these cars drive, but what better way than putting people in...
  8. Steeda Mustang Week Recap!

    The two biggest days of Mustang Week are here, the car show on Friday & cruise in on Saturday. It was a great time seeing all of those who stopped by our booth, checking out the awesome Mustangs that filled the parking lots, and being able to give away tons of parts in our raffle. Check out some...
  9. 2pt G-trac brace Mach1 HP - Review!

    Wanted to share some feedback from a pretty happy customer regarding our 2pt G-Trac Brace: https://www.steeda.com/steeda-s550-ultralite-2-point-g-trac-brace-555-5533.html " Really easy to install and one person job. Fits well with the Mustang Mach1 HP A10. Had to use one shim per side only...
  10. Steeda Labor Day Sale - Save Up To 30% OFF

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  11. A Plug & Play RGB Headlight for the 2018+ Mustang | Oracle ColorSHIFT

    While many aftermarket companies decide to go the route of redesigning the whole look of the housing, Oracle Lighting takes what is known and loved on the S550 and turns it up with RGB and Amber lighting. With an endless amount of customization, black housing, sequential turn signals, and...
  12. Steeda Sizzlin Hot Summer Sale - Save Up To 20%

    Check out the savings at www.steeda.com
  13. Steeda Sizzlin Hot Summer Sale - Save Up To 20%

    Check out the savings at www.steeda.com
  14. Introducing the 825 HP McQueen Racing Bullitt 2019-001!

    McQueen Racing and Steeda Performance Vehicles are delighted to announce an exciting new phase in their ongoing partnership. They are introducing a captivating lineup of limited-edition, high-performance vehicles under the McQueen Racing brand. This collaboration builds upon their successful...
  15. What it Takes to Build a Road Race Mustang | Steeda #20 Car Build Overview

    Countless videos have shown off the testing and races that the Yellow #20 Race Car has been a part of. Most of the S550 parts that we sell today we're all developed using this particular chassis. However, there isn't a real overview that tells the story of how this car got to be where it is...
  16. Attending the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse R Reveal!

    Continuing the 2024 content, with a variant of the Dark Horse from Ford Performance. We already saw all variants teased back at the Detroit Auto Show, as well as the GT4 & GT3 reveals, but today is the first time we actually get to put our eyes on one, and this one is the Dark Horse R. This is a...
  17. Steeda Flash Sale - Save Up To 20%!

    Just to let everyone know ... we have our flash sale going on - Save Up to 20%! Checkout the savings at www.steeda.com

    Just to let everyone know ... we have our flash sale going on - Save Up to 20%! Checkout the savings at www.steeda.com
  19. The Right Way to Mod Your S550 Mustang (In Order) | Tech Tip

    With the aftermarket industry as big as it is, and in combination with the S550 Mustang platform itself, it can be overwhelming deciding what to get first. Today, we'll show you (what we think) is the right order to get the most enjoyment out of your Mustang, but without hurting your wallet or...
  20. Steeda Independence Day Sale - Save Up To 30%

    Hello All: Our 4th of July Sale is now live! Check out the savings at www.steeda.com