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  1. People's reaction to seeing a '21-'23 Mach 1 similar to seeing a GT350?

    “People's reaction to seeing a '21-'23 Mach 1 similar to seeing a GT350?” After 2 years of 2021 Mach 1 ownership and many interactions at gas stations, parking lots, and car shows, IMO it depends on if the “people” are… 1) an average Joe: Yes. These folks see something sporty and loud, and...

    Handling package stock wheels are 19 x 10.5 / 19 x 11 so we can run 305's up front and 315's out back, do you have anything in these sizes?
  3. Upgraded sway bars for Mach 1?

    did your car have the handling package?
  4. BMW people; what's their obsession with Mustang GT's?

    Here’s the result of a (probably soon to be former) co-worker street racing… https://www.wtae.com/article/multiple-people-injured-in-school-van-crash-in-dravosburg/45220150
  5. Upgraded sway bars for Mach 1?

    @tj@steeda can you help us out? I filled out the Steeda online contact form last week but haven't heard an answer, maybe just because of the holidays. For those of us with Mach 1's with the handling package, what front and rear sway bar settings would you recommend for your 555-1017 kit to...
  6. Upgraded sway bars for Mach 1?

    Well over the weekend I emailed both Ford Performance and Steeda via their websites asking specific questions on the use of their sway bar kits on my car, and neither one has responded. Wonder if they are unsure or are hesitant to share their recommendations in writing. Very disappointing and...
  7. To Sell or Not to Sell my 2020 PP2

    Wow. Might be the first post I've ever seen where someone doesn't prefer the Tremec over the MT82. Effort-wise I don't think that shifting the Tremec in my car is any more strenuous than my 2018 GT was, and have had years of seat time in each one. But on the Mach test drive I did notice the...
  8. Upgraded sway bars for Mach 1?

    There are definitely places you could hide a body!
  9. Upgraded sway bars for Mach 1?

    It’s a sickness… like buying lots of cars 😂
  10. Upgraded sway bars for Mach 1?

    LOL yeah I do feel like it's pretty close to perfect, this will hopefully fix one of the areas that I've always wanted just a little bit more from. The wife and kids were pestering me for Christmas ideas so the bars will fit the bill, better than them guessing and getting crap I don't want. It...
  11. Upgraded sway bars for Mach 1?

    The FP sway bar only kit is out of stock everywhere. I'm going to try the Steeda sway bar only kit 555-1017, not the Steeda track kit with the soft rear bar. I did notice that the Steeda website has an error, in one place they say the rear bar is 1" but in the specs tab they say it's 1-1/8"...
  12. Confused about Flex Fuel Tune

    I messaged Livernois about running flex in winter and they said it’s no problem, in case you were considering that.
  13. Upgraded sway bars for Mach 1?

    OK, that does make more sense if that's what the first paragraph is talking about - that Steeda rear bar is REALLY thick (4.6 mm thicker than the stock HP bar while the front is only 1.7 mm thicker than the stock HP bar). So if you put on both bars you'd expect the car to exhibit more...
  14. Upgraded sway bars for Mach 1?

    Hmm, this doesn't really make sense to me. Guess it would make more sense if I knew which specific bars they were referring to when they say "If you are going to be doing several track days/events a year, I would recommend both bars." Especially when earlier in the message they say the front...
  15. To Sell or Not to Sell my 2020 PP2

    If you haven't ever driven a 350, your test drive Saturday might make your decision very easy - one way or another. It will feel very different from your GT, and you might think that's great, but you also might not.
  16. Upgraded sway bars for Mach 1?

    Wow so not a lot of traffic in this thread, guess we are all still figuring sway bars out for HP cars...
  17. Sway Bar Sizes Ford Performance Track/Street Package?

    37 mm front, 25.2 mm rear. Considering this for my car as well. https://www.steeda.com/ford-performance-m-5490-g-s550-track-sway-bar-suspension-kit
  18. Confused about Flex Fuel Tune

    I’ve been running a Livernois flex tune for months and love it. No testing or monitoring, just fill up and go.
  19. Pennsylvania Summit Racing H-pipe with Vibrant resonator $100 +shipping

    IMO this setup has a little less volume than the straight H pipe but definitely louder than stock, and takes away a bit of the harshness.
  20. Throttle mapping: Sport+ vs. Track

    The modes in my manual Mach are all very different. I could tell you what mode it’s in with my eyes closed. In Track it feels like limp mode till you’re past about 1/3 pedal travel. Basically in Track you either have to floor it or be at a stop light. In Sport+ the tiniest amount of pedal...