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  1. Maryland Silver PP1 wheels and tires - NOW Shipping

    ugh I love these wheels why do you have to be so far away!
  2. Youthful enthusiasm rebuild: The Cheapest Wrecked Mustang Mach 1

    Is this guy twelve? He looks like he is entering middle school lol
  3. Non-disclosure of Mach 1 engine replacement by Dealer

    I believe the salesman for whatever that is worth. Most likely came off truck ticking and the threw new engine in it. Now this is what Ohio law states " Section 4517.61 | Franchisor's damage disclosure statement. Ohio Revised Code / Title 45 Motor Vehicles-Aeronautics-Watercraft / Chapter 4517...
  4. RUST!!!!!!

    Agreed, I would personally demand a new hood and a body shop of my choice to paint it

    Really digging the mach wheels! Maybe a hair dark for my liking but looks sharp!!
  6. Another GT to Brembo thread. Help me make an informed decision.

    My two cents after doing this back in the fall. Everything factory, prices aren't terrible especially with places like Levittown online pricing. Is it really worth saving a few bucks on the "generic" hardware kits? Will they work the same, probably just not something I would risk. Factory...

    What a great stretch of road!!! Car looks great too! We were out there a few years ago and rented an ecoboost vert but that has nothing on the v8!
  8. My New Wheels - Not Sure I'm Digging Them Unfortunately

    I personally like them!!! But the problem is there is no other real chrome on the car so wanna sell? LOL and what color is the platinum ones? Photos of those??
  9. Challenger outsold Mustang again. Worst Mustang sales ever.

    same, the new ones look so bad I am shocked at how many people like them
  10. Supercharger....which one?

    I thought the same thing lol
  11. Bullitt kit/Brembo brake upgrade install complete!!!

    Yeah everything worked perfectly! Had on a couple months now
  12. Mix match tires

    I would never run a different tire on each corner, let alone any used tires like that. I would run a stickier rear then the front though. Used to run on my 03 mach with wide nitto radials in rear with Michelin PSS on the front and it was awesome!!
  13. Welcoming Home my 2022 Grabber Blue Mach 1 HP

    this is so true. Just to spend more money on new tires. Just buy a regular mach and throw some HPP wheels on it and call it a day
  14. Florida Ford Performance Blue Coil Covers for GT

    They changed in 2018 I think
  15. Florida Ford Performance Blue Coil Covers for GT

    Wish I could put these on a 22
  16. I'm not paying $1 Premium over Regular

    Weird, cheapest around here is $3.89 for 93 and regular is $2.99-$3.15. Rare is the days of 50 cents over for 93
  17. My Whipple build 2017 GT350

    Looks mean!! Love it! What kind of rwhp you shooting for?

    Dang that's no good! I know a good bodyshop in SW ohio if you need!