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  1. MACH 1 TRACK ATTACK ☆ 2023 Dates

    Got an email today from ford, they have added dates for March and April of 24 Good Morning, As promised, we have released our initial round of class dates for 2024. Please see the current available dates below and then let me know which date works best for you. I will initiate the...
  2. EV's.......... 😂😂😂😂😂

    And have a 500 mile range and can go from 20% to 80% charge in 5 minutes or less.
  3. Good god please help me fix this noise lol

    if your blades are deteriorating, just throw on a set of cheap anco's for now until you can get a set of Ford blades.
  4. EV's.......... 😂😂😂😂😂

    Exactly, the two biggest reasons are weight and cost. Even tho copper is more efficient at conducting electricity, it costs a lot more to mine and produce and weighs a lot more than aluminum does. Copper is just not practical for long distance high tension transmission lines. BTW, nuclear may...
  5. Good god please help me fix this noise lol

    Wet down the glass, sprinkle it on, and scrub with a wet pad.
  6. Good god please help me fix this noise lol

    Not too hard. It's like scrubbing a porcelain bath tub, but you can't see the road grime so you have to do it by feel to know when it's clean.
  7. People's reaction to seeing a '21-'23 Mach 1 similar to seeing a GT350?

    I may be wrong, but weren't the GT350's only for the north American market (US and Canada) while the mach 1 was sold world wide. That may be why you see a lot more 350's vs. mach 1's. Sure they made ~23K 350's vs. 15K M1's but based on how many you see you would think they made 75K 350's. I...

    Upgrading to the PP1 calipers is a simple bolt on. All you need is the new rotor, pads, dust shield, and new crush washers. By the time you piece together everything you need, you might be better off just buying the kit...
  9. Puddle lights on base model?

    Yep I just bought these for my Mach 1, but by the time they were delivered, it was already put away for the winter. They're plug n play if you already have the puddle lights, just swap them out.
  10. 3 month depreciation 😬

    The time to sell dried up a couple of months ago when the interest rates skyrocketed and the prices began to fall.
  11. Good god please help me fix this noise lol

    In the past when I had issues with skipping I would clean the glass and the actual rubber on the wiper blades (the part the touches the windshield) with either Bon-Ami cleanser or bar keepers friend and a blue scotch brite pad. The cleanser is like comet but a lot finer grain meant for use on...
  12. 3 month depreciation 😬

    Car sales typically slow down during the winter, especially mustangs that are a fun warm weather car. I traded my 17 GT PP1 convertible back in June and got 35K trade for it. If I were to to trade now I would be lucky to get 25 for it.
  13. Installing Larger Diameter Tires (Ford mechanic input needed)

    You are correct, the PP1, bullitt and Mach 1 come with a 275/40/19 so fitment will not be a problem. The factory calibrates the speedo for an average tire size and the speedo is never spot on, but real close. You can tweak the calibration to get it perfect if you want, but why bother, the...
  14. Trade Mach 1 for base 2024 Corvette MSRP $67,895.

    They made just over 3K for 23 for around 15K total
  15. The more I see the S650s, the more I know I've had my last Mustang for the foreseeable future

    That fat lip look is only on the Dork Donkey. The regular 650's don't have that.
  16. The more I see the S650s, the more I know I've had my last Mustang for the foreseeable future

    Yeah, I would just put a Saleen front bumper on a standard 650 and call it a day. the rest of the Saleen looks like crap, like the park bench rear wing.
  17. Total Loss Insurance Co Issues.

    The entire business model for an insurance company, whether it's car, home, health is to collect premiums and avoid paying out claims. When they are forced to pay they try to lowball the claim as much as possible.
  18. What do y’all do for a living?

    I did that in the navy, kind of. I ran the main engine which was a steam turbine, but I was also cross trained to operate the boilers and the turbine generators, which was also steam powered.
  19. The more I see the S650s, the more I know I've had my last Mustang for the foreseeable future

    Yeah, back in 13, the 197 looked more like a mustang than the 550 did to me, but then it grew on me and by 17 I had a GT vert in grabber blue. then back in June they gave me 35K trade for my vert, so now I have a 23 mach 1, also in grabber blue.
  20. What do y’all do for a living?

    They both do similar jobs, just you do it on a larger scale.