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  1. Badge question on 2019 GT

    The round badge is from a '69 Sportsroof (that's where it was located on that car, too)

    Oh, we're gonna need more than one photo please!! :)
  3. Mustang Photograph of the Month Contest – October 2023

    Three fantastic photos, and a very worthy winner :)
  4. S550 diecast collectibles

    I've got it, both in 1/18 and 1/24 scale. It's definitely Grabber Blue :)
  5. S550 diecast collectibles

    That's really nice. I have the Grabber Orange Mach 1 too, and a Lime Gold version. As for the S550, the only Grabber Blue one to date is the GT500 from Maisto :)
  6. S650?

    When the S550 was launched all we heard was "it looks like a Fusion". Opinions change with familiarity. :)
  7. Tuning options?

    Welcome to the forum! Firstly, your best bet for a tune is MAP. They have lots of experiencing in tuning the S550. https://www.motorsportandperformance.com/ Secondly, if you're on Facebook, come and join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SimplyMustangsUK

    Congrats! I like that you and your wife (?) have gone for the color coordination :like:
  9. swap digital dash for an analog?

    OP. I see you list the UK in your info........sadly, for you, all UK 2018+ come with the digital dash and there is no "base" car, unless you go for a pre-facelift model (2015-2017)
  10. Oil in coolant reservoir

    The guys at Modurstang are great and they actually offer a replacement oil cooler system (as do GT101, but they're based in Essex). Finger's crossed your engine is OK. Two other highly recommended specialists are Motorsport and Performance (Yorkshire) https://www.motorsportandperformance.com/...
  11. Oil in coolant reservoir

    Also, if you're on Facebook, join Simply Mustangs UK. You'll get lots of very good advice and it's a very friendly group :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/SimplyMustangsUK
  12. Oil in coolant reservoir

    If you're not under warranty, get it towed to Modurstang.......but DO NOT drive it. https://www.modurstang.co.uk/ And I wish you luck!
  13. Oil in coolant reservoir

    Very likely to be your oil cooler........this is not uncommon on the RHD S550. Are you still under warranty, because it could be a big job, in as much as this has wrecked some engines :(

    😍 WOW! That is STUNNING I've got one just like it..............well, slightly smaller and made by Matchbox ;)
  15. Where’s Norm?

    I don't recall seeing it posted here, but ThePill kindly posted it over on Mustang7g. Norm was active and respected on a number of Mustang forums. A little late, but my condolences to his family and friends.
  16. Where’s Norm?

    Sadly Norm passed away in 2021. He was a great asset to the Mustang community :( https://www.tributearchive.com/obituaries/23534470/norman-s-peterson
  17. Original Brittany Blue Photo

    Brittany Blue debuted for the '67MY........and that's a '65 or '66 coupe. However, Ford did have several light blue metallics for those model years which were all similar to BB This is a good reference site with links to photos of the various colors :)...
  18. RAPID RED S550 MUSTANG thread

    Congrats! Whilst I'm sure you'll miss your '20, the '22 California Special is a nice upgrade in my eyes :)
  19. New Trend of the Year of 2024!?

    Or perhaps they took inspiration from the '67? :wink: