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  1. GM is pulling back on EVs

    This whole EV, solar, wind, "green" religion, is a twisted evolution of the real ecology movement of the 60's-70's. The clean water act and endangered species act had real promise but are slowly being swept under the rug. By the time "global warming" has any catastrophic effects, overpopulation...
  2. Best way to Jack up S550

    If race ramps, def. get the two piece ones. Once the car is up remove the ramp piece and you can crawl under the side if necessary. I bought mine before that option was available. Note: if your car is low, you may need the extenders as I did with my 'vette.
  3. V6 Exhaust

    Very happy with my Roush axle backs. Been on for several years now. Worlds better than the stock anemic looking and sounding exhaust. Soothing trombone like sound.
  4. Not driving much - oil change?

    My last oil change was May of 2022, 2k miles ago. The oil looks fresh and when I take it out, I'm not "putting" around. Not worried about it. Oil in the can (or crankcase) doesn't need any special treatment. I will change it myself with whatever full syn is on special before winter.
  5. 2015-17 Mustang Custom Fog Light Grille

    Nice work and looks great. Wish I had one.
  6. Ordered New Gen 2 Engine

    That's the way to go!
  7. Trunk lid drain holes?

    Rust? Yikes, that motivated me. Peeled the stickers, fished around in there with a wet q-tip, and it's just a couple tiny crumbs. Maybe from when I was installing a pull closing strap. Taped them back shut.
  8. Trunk lid drain holes?

    I guess I'm not as observant as I thought. Just noticed a hole in each upper corner of the trunk lid that shows debris. There is a clear sticker over them. Is it (the sticker) meant to be there?
  9. GM is pulling back on EVs

    Too many rules deliberately being made by bureaucrats and the Executive branch, instead of our elected congress, who don't seem to care.
  10. Are Millennials More Likely than Boomers to Fix Their Own Cars?

    The study was done in the UK. Apples and oranges. The day I can't maintain my 5 cars, except for the heavy stuff, I'll downsize, and then it's the glue factory. I see only two other guys, and they're about my age (old) in the neighborhood doing car stuff. No one even washes them anymore. Sad.
  11. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I replaced my 6 year old battery. Voltage had been reading low(12.2). Now I find I had left a dome light on. Don't know if there's a connection, but it was time anyway.
  12. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    She's sitting outside now half the time and driven in the elements, so was crying for a buff and wax.
  13. GM is pulling back on EVs

    We thought we knew what we were doing during the last 50 years when we relocated all those pollution emitters over to China. There are a lot of consequences here and there, but things are generally a lot cleaner over here now. China can't clean up their act overnight and it wouldn't be a big...
  14. GM is pulling back on EVs

    That's a little strange in a State that "stands by it's fossil". Maybe the schools are leaning in a different direction than the elected politicians. I'll have to find out what the curriculum is around here.
  15. GM is pulling back on EVs

    Being a Mustang owner is pretty good credentials. But if you're not....
  16. Car Repos on the Rise

    He's a football player, right? I prefer the term Aquarian. That was before the age of social media, so the younger crowd wouldn't know.
  17. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Two months ago I installed this ebay suede armrest and e-brake cover to match the steering wheel. Just took the shoelace off the grip because the two halves would not close up. Seems fine now so I'm happy. The suede is bonded to very thin (3-D printed?) plastic shells and anchored with double...
  18. BMR Jacking rails vs Steeda jacking rails

    Leave it factory.