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  1. which battery do you suggest for my 2018 GT

    I bought the DieHard Platinum AGM for my Fusion. It works well in the car with an upgraded (2 amp) sound system. They are a little costly at $275. The reason I didn't buy the DieHard for the Msutang is the 96R AGM, is the same 590 CCA as the normal battery; with the upgraded sound system, I...
  2. Who has a roush catback?

    The Steeda exhaust sounds almost the exact same as the Roush when done with their H or X pipe and axle back.
  3. which battery do you suggest for my 2018 GT

    I was going to buy a high-cost AGM battery but decided on installing a group 47 (H5) Interstate AGM battery from Costco for $182. The only difference in size between group 47(H5) and the 96R is 9 9/16 x 6 7/8 x 7 1/2 for group 47 and 9 15/16 x 6 7/8 x 7 1/2 for group 96R. I have an upgraded...
  4. Ford-Roush solid Customer service

    I have two cats on order at this time. Will see how long they take to come in.
  5. Throttle mapping: Sport+ vs. Track

    I drove in that mode twice... both times had on the drag radials and got caught in a huge downpour. You are right, feels like somebody cut the testicles off. I guess that is what makes it a bit safer in the rain though.
  6. Any pics of your car with Steeda Progressive sport springs?

    Tire size 305/35r20 on rear and 275/35r20 on front. I now have 285/35r20 on the front....will have to find a pic.
  7. 2023 Mustang GT B&O stereo upgrade - install journal w/ instructions & photos

    Mine is wired almost exactly the same as Evolvd (one of my mentors :) ). This method is effective and seems a lot less complicated to me.
  8. Got the dreaded "Service Engine Soon" warning light...

    I would agree driving in sport mode tends to make me think there is no need for a throttle controller.
  9. Got the dreaded "Service Engine Soon" warning light...

    Did you reinstall your throttle controller? Did you get any real benefits from it, in your opinion? I have a Solar throttle body and Controller on my manual car (my car was the guinee pig for them), but enjoy hearing others experiences.
  10. Got the dreaded "Service Engine Soon" warning light...

    Certain codes are stored permanently or semi permanently.....this doesn't mean the car still has the error. If the light went off, the code is no longer active. K4xfd has provided good advice. I always keep a code reader and do my own diagnostics. I am showing a catalyst code currently...
  11. '22 GT Wheel(s) Locking Up When Parked After Washing

    I use an Adam’s Cannon Blow Dryer, The heated air helps a lot with drying after washing. Mine doesn’t stick anymore, since I started using it.
  12. Tire recommendations

    I have the Michelin A/S4 and the Continental DWS 06 Plus on the two cars I have in Colorado; both perform well for the conditions there.
  13. not using battery cover push-pins

    Old-school coke will clean it right up :sunglasses:
  14. 2023 Mustang GT B&O stereo upgrade - install journal w/ instructions & photos

    I went with the Focal Flax in the front and Morel in the rear....I know many don't bother with the rear. :)
  15. Lowering Springs Question

    If you are just doing it for looks and not looking for handling improvements, there is nothing wrong with using those minimum drop springs. IF you are after better handling then, yes as the others have said, do the struts and shocks.
  16. Roush dyno numbers

    Do you have the Low Temp Radiator? That and the tune is what differs from Phase 1. Stages are for Roush-built cars. I'd still say your numbers are low, even if you have Phase 1.
  17. iPhone15 crashes Apple Car Play

    I haven't had any overheating issues either and no lag when using CarPlay in the Mustang.
  18. iPhone15 crashes Apple Car Play

    Inteestingly I have that issue in the Fusion but not the Mustang. I am guessing the cable I am using in the Mustang must be of a better quality. I changed to the iPhone 15 ProMax two weeks ago,but interestingly the same cables worked fine with my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.