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  1. Drop in replacement high flow air filter. Are they really worth it ?

    '21 Bone stock 5.0, A10. Looked at damn near all I can think of from Green Filter to K&N. Some oiled, some dry such as AEM or aFe. K&N is the lowest cost. aFm the most expensive. Are they really worth the cost ? The car is street driven only. Or, do I stick with stock ? Motorcraft or Wix...
  2. Street Racing Mustangs Take Out Power Pole

    Another "Stupid is as stupid does !" street racing story .................. And why I hate it when another driver gets stupid next to me on the highway. :explode: https://www.motorious.com/articles/features-3/street-racing-mustangs-power-pole/
  3. Sig P365 Romeo XL or Kimber Micro 9

    I have both. I want to cut down to one EDC. I'm truly torn as I like both pistols. The Kimber stays in the car within reach. Locked out of sight in the center console when I exit. The P365 XL stays holstered. It has the 15 rd mag vs the 7 rd of the Kimber. The Kimber being a single stack is a...
  4. Similar gains in HP/TQ ?

    Would installing the intake manifold and throttle body used on the Mach 1 give me the same gains ? I already have the Corsa CAI. Not looking for a massive power bump.
  5. Dash Cam Location

    I was gifted with a Rexing V1P-4K : https://www.rexingusa.com/product/rexing-v1p/ I was also given the hard wire kit. The question is, where to mount it ? Next to the mirror, left or right side. Or, upper or lower left corner of the windshield ? Those that have a dash cam, where is yours...
  6. Inside the 5.0 Resonator

    As can be seen, it is straight thru. No baffling to slow down the exhaust flow. This also puts to bed the rumor that the infamous ticking is not caused by little people banging on the inside of the resonator. :wink:
  7. Forscan Update

    Evidently there is a major update for the '21 MY. My tuner was able to shut off the double horn honk feature. Enable bambi mode. Enable dark mode and, there is now a way to turn off the puddle lights separately.
  8. Clear VLand Taillights

    I have a new, in the box, set of the Euro style clear lens tail lights. They do not have "DOT/CSA" stampings anywhere I noted. As such, has anyone on the board with them installed been hassled by law enforcement ? Especially, CA .............. I ask as I make a trip to the bay area from TX...
  9. New White A10 convertible

    My servicing dealer just got this in. https://www.sykorafamilyford.com/new-Waco-2021-Ford-Mustang-GT+Premium-1FATP8FF6M5140037 I am siting here looking at it. Flat out gorgeous. The red black interior really pops. Contact: Eric Sykora @ 800-829-5314 or, 254-826-5314
  10. Mustang Driver Dies In Fiery Crash

    Not a good ending. Here's hoping this was not one of our group: https://www.fox4news.com/news/mustang-driver-runs-away-passenger-dies-in-fiery-dallas-crash
  11. Will GT350 X-pipe fit ?

    Store manager at the local Discount Tire just bought a '21 GT. Will the Steeda X-pipe from my GT350 fit his new car ?
  12. M-9603-M8B Ford Performance 2018-2020 Mustang GT Calibration with Cold Air Kit and Throttle Body

    Does anyone have this kit on their car ? https://www.fordracingbyspeedshopdirect.com/2018_2020_Mustang_GT_Calibration_CAI_Throttle_Body_p/m-9603-m8b.htm
  13. Catch can

    I've always installed a passenger side JTL on my Mustangs because they have been tuned and modified. The new one is going to stay stock, with the exception of an H pipe. As such, will a catch can be a waste of money ?
  14. Radio w/ HD and CD player

    Has anyone swapped out the base radio in a GT Premium for the upgraded one with the cd player/HD compatibility ? My understanding is Ford uses a standard wiring harness. I purposely left the option out of my order as I've no need for a subwoofer, cd player nor, the extra speakers. I simply want...
  15. H D radio upgrade

    Ordered the GT Prem w/o the H D radio because I did not want all the other crap in the pkg. How hard will it be to add hd capability ?
  16. FP/Roush Blower Stage II

    Really on the fence with this one. Granger Ford will do the install pre delivery when my car gets to them in OCt. Warranty stays intact that way. I have the funds to pay cash. My concern is resale down the road. I am a high mileage driver. 20/25k yearly so, in three years, I tend to roll out...
  17. R & R Chrome Pony

    How hard is it to replace the front chrome pony ? I already have the black OE 5.0 emblems and the FP back panel.
  18. Why I continue to order from Granger Ford.

    As with my first order in March for the Mach 1, lightning has struck again. :rockon: Called Jay@Granger yesterday morning to order the car. Placed my deposit by phone and e-docked the sales agreement. Look what showed up in my email this morning bright and early ...
  19. Done deal ! Order is in ..............

    Bright and early this morning Jay@Granger and I hook up by phone. Confirmed my build. Edocked the sales agreement, sent pics of DL and proof of ins and, provided cc deposit of a "gazillion dollars." 🙄 🤣 :fistbump: Now the wait begins. With luck, history will repeat and the car will be built in...
  20. Order a '21 or wait ?

    With the '21 MY end so close, I am on the fence. Order now or, wait and deal with any price increase. Not worried about color issues. Looking at a base GT, A10. Simple stripper. Have Zack's peeps throw on a blower. :party: Silent but deadly ! What say the board ?