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  1. Any below the knee amputees?

    I was in a MC wreck 6 months ago. Trimalleolar fracture, right ankle. reconstructive surgery has not gone well. very limited range of motion, a lot of pain. Had another surgery last week to try and correct this. things are worse instead. So, options look to be fusion or amputation...
  2. Won't be driving the Mach 1 for a very long time.

    So, the Mach 1 is not getting driven now for some time due to an accident. Luckily, the accident was not in the Mach 1. Unluckily it was on the motorcycle. Luckily I lived, and was not my fault. Unluckily, I Cannot walk for 3-6 months, with an unknown lvl of permanent loss of function at...
  3. tuning and exhaust mods

    is there a point, long tubes, x-pipe, etc that tunes are required to keep operating correctly? I would like to start looking at beefing up the exhaust some, but do not want to touch tunes just yet.
  4. Covington/Mandeville area

    someone here with either a JFG or Silver M1 in this area? was on I-12 today around 6pm?
  5. Ford build and price

    Not seeing HP option for 2023, is this just a miss or is it not available?
  6. Black wide-body, I-10, Mississippi, 03Oct

    Is that anyone here? Had a custom plate. Was headed eastbound around 7:30pm
  7. 2024 Mach 1 replacement

    This new dark horse. 500hp, tremec, all the M1 goodies it sounds like (and fugly….interior as well) thoughts on M1 being upped so soon? Even the new GT has more power which was expected I guess.
  8. Blue M1 I-10 west 10 miles west of Gulfport.

    Was that anyone here? I was the red one headed East.
  9. How long to get the owners pack and track attack paperwork?

    I bought the car over 6 weeks ago, still have not received anything. Who do I reach out to to inquire about it?
  10. Hood pins (functional)

    any recommendations as far as functional hood pins? trying to reduce the hood flutter at highway speeds. (also, wife commented yesterday that the passenger side exhaust looks to vibrate/shake a lot more going over bumps than the driver side, she was following me for about 15 miles when I went...
  11. General Mach 1 bullshiting thread

    Just need somewhere for random comments/experiences/thoughts etc. 1) Glad I got a stick. 2) made it less than 40 miles before scraping front splitter on a parking lot exit. 3) Car barely made it 50 miles. Almost got totaled by a camaro I can only think fully intended to hit me. he was...
  12. Quick urgent request. Splitter height HP

    Need the clearance height and distance from front tires for trailer ramp angle. Have to know if I need to make some ramp extensions right now. thanks!
  13. gurney flap install/remove tools

    what is required? Going to remove if if installed for the tow home, and for when I have my long highway trips. My understanding is that it cost 1-2 mpg at highway speeds.
  14. Got my car!

    A little smaller that I expected to be honest though! the detail is absolutely amazing. have to get a display case for it now.
  15. HP front splitter height / clearance angle

    what is the clearance angle or the height of splitter and protrusion of it from front wheels? Considering a building, and need to check the approach angles to get the car in / out. Also have to do some work this winter to prep driveways and such for it. Thanks,
  16. Dodge Challenger and Charger to join the Camaro

    https://www.motortrend.com/news/dodge-challenger-charger-dead-2024-ev-coming-soon/ They did well, I think they should've done a much larger refresh a couple of years ago though. Much respect for their tendency to stick the biggest possible engine into EVERYTHING they make.
  17. analysis cancelled orders

    seeing what all was cancelled by members here.
  18. 700A vs 600A pedals

    are they just covers, something easy to change out? and fairly inexpensive? other than that, 700A is seats, heated stearing wheel, and options for the elite package, right?
  19. American made bugle

    anyone know where I can find a bugle that is made in America? G scale, for reveille and taps, scouting.
  20. Hurricane Ida

    I have been living in the gulf south my entire life. never been in the path of a hurricane. luck changes today, may get to see the inside of the eye of a cat 2 when it reaches my house. Really just hoping I still have a house tomorrow morning though. and that my shop doesn't collapse on my...