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  1. Factory 2-Step?

    I was watching a cringe-worthy S550 Mustang video made by a drag guy. He said that you can "activate the factory 2-step" in A10 cars. Can anyone shed some light on what he meant by that?
  2. The Worst Mustangs Ever

    I'll start;
  3. Forget It

    Not important.
  4. SYNC 3 Secret Menu

    Not really all that useful, but I haven't spent too much time going through it. IF you F your car up, don't blame me. Make sure you have the latest version of SYNC3 installed.
  5. Check out this Bitch at VIR

    She looks like a nasty beeeyotch....🤣😂
  6. Find Your Car On Google Earth/Maps

    I was checking something for a client at work, and saw the Google Maps car spun around our area just a few months ago; Now ya'll go. Find your car on them Googles.
  7. Interesting Item

    This could be completely wrong, but it's interesting to consider that Ford loses money on it's EVs.
  8. 1963 Mustang.....Henry Ford II's Car

    The history here is just amazing. More history than just that of the Mustang. Detroit, Dearborn, architecture, and Ford in general. Imagine driving that car in 1963. The current owner bought it for $500.00
  9. Buy racing tires?

    I am rather surprised to see that it appears to be impossible to buy genuine racing tires. You know, slicks for circuit racing. I did not know they weren't available to regular morons such as we the merry bunch here. Huh. Am I wrong there? Could we toss a set on and enjoy 50-100 miles of...
  10. What's A Really Good Tire Pressure Gauge

    Places like Vato Zone and such have crap. I'd like something that helps me get all the pressures exactly the same. Has to be a hand-held unit, as I use a gas station hose. I don't have the ability to install a really nice unit onto an air-hose. Thanks for your input.