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  1. Professional Ceramic Coating in MA

    Anyone know of any other PROFESSIONALLY known ceramic coating shops in eastern MA besides CRAFT DETAILING and BRAD' S AUTO RECONDITIONING? I know of UNIQUE CAR CARE as well, but they are way out there. Over an hour away. I'm pretty much leaning towards Craft Detailing at the moment. Thanks in...
  2. Ceramic Pro 9H

    Does anyone have any experience/knowledge with this ceramic coating? I'm highly considering it. I currently have Cquartz Finest on the truck and am thinking of getting the Ceramic Pr 9H applied, maybe later this year before winter or early next summer. Is it as good as it states? I was very...
  3. First 2018 Mustang GT goes 9's

    Not sure if this has been posted or not, but I did look and didn't see it. 142MPH is getting the mail out! lol [ame]
  4. New MA Inspections

    Anyone here get an inspection sticker for your Mustang with an aftermarket exhaust on after October 1st of this year? I heard they are being really, really strict with noise as well as the new inspection process as well.
  5. 2013 GHIG Roush Stage 3 For Sale

    After much thought, I am selling my 2013 GHIG Roush Stage 3. Less than 3k on the clock and completely stock. M6 car. Car runs great and is a 10 out of 10 as far as paint, condition and interior goes. This car is super clean throughout. Always garaged and NEVER out in rain, snow or even wet...
  6. Pretty damn impressive

    Check out those torque lines and numbers. At such low RPM too. Nasty stuff there. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  7. Looking for a Black GT3350?

    A friend of mine that lives in VA is selling a 2016 GT350. Black with White stripes and technology package (Nav, Heated/Cooled seats). He works as a salesman for the dealership. Sorry, but they are asking 10k in markup. SORRY! $69,998 for the car out the door. PM me for info ONLY IF serious...
  8. Any '15 Roush Stage 3 cars?

    Just like the title states. Any '15 Roush Stage 3 cars in this forum? Just wanted to know your opinions/likes/dislikes and photos. Thanks! :thumbsup: