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  1. 2020 GT Cali Special SEMA Build

    fyi....enjoy https://fordauthority.com/2023/03/pony-car-fans-should-bid-on-this-unique-2020-ford-mustang/
  2. Top 10 Used Mustangs

    Looks like used Mustangs are holding their value. https://www.hotcars.com/used-ford-mustangs-stand-test-of-time/
  3. Flat Rock Plant Mustang Production Line Video

    Not sure how long ago this was made but seems recent based on Eruption Green in footage. There was a 21 Cali Special in the mix as well as Shelby and M1..... Check out the Bullitt serial number K0167 at 6:33 in video. Anyone on here have it?
  4. 1968 Fastback Build

    Hi All This thread will follow our 1968 Fastback restoration. This stang belonged to one of my my best friends since 1977. He bought it used and had it on the road since we met in 1978. He and his dad did lots of work on it back then. It was T boned on the passenger side and they repaired the...
  5. "Fast Cars, Hot Coffee and Powerful Women"

    just passing on Chris' message for a great cause, ovarian cancer awareness. I Connected with him on LinkedIn recently when I noticed his 2021 Velocity Blue Mach 1. Inspiring! Using that Mach 1 to spread the word. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6843155141680500736/
  6. Florida Bay Area Mustang

    for all the Florida west coasters out there....looks like a good show and for a good cause https://www.bayareamustangs.com/
  7. September 11

    I did not see any posts to the remembrance of September 11, 2001. If there are and I missed it, my apologies. May the families who lost loved ones on that day find peace. God bless our first responders and armed forces.
  8. Shelby American Collection

    only 5 days left to make a donation and chance to win. I try every year but no luck yet 😀 https://shelbyamericancollection.tapkat.org/wina2021ShelbyGT500/
  9. New S550 Exterior Prep

    Hi all, my blend date is Tuesday so I’m hoping Ford stays on schedule and I get delivery before Labor Day. I let my dealer know I do not want them to prep the exterior, just inspect for any damage and prep interior only. I’ll wash and prep the GT at home. I plan to use two bucket wash method...
  10. S550 with 400A and active valve exhaust programming question

    Hi, just ordered a 2021 GT/CS with 400A instrument cluster and active valve exhaust. Can the exhaust be programmed to start in quiet mode during certain hours….like 6am to 8am? Or is that only available with 401A? thanks Bob