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  1. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    Thanks. Do you have a before and after? sounds pretty tasteful to me. I wonder if these could be installed upstream closer to where the cats used to be, and if this would affect volume / tone / etc
  2. BMR subframe alignment kit

    I ended up getting the diameter cut down by 3mm and they slid right in. Luckily there is a machine shop at my job so there was no cost to me.
  3. Texas Filters and Fluids

    you should have told me you had this! I would have taken it off your hands haha
  4. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    yea wheres the sound clips!! ????
  5. Pennsylvania Summit Racing H-pipe with Vibrant resonator $100 +shipping

    wish you had a sound clip. i just deleted my cats and I think I want to tone it down some.... ive heard the 12 inch vibrant is the way to go, and do dual
  6. TVS 2.3L Supercharger Made 830whp on a Mustang Dyno, 7499RPM

    NICE! especially on a mustang dyno not a dynojet
  7. Oxygen sensors going bad?

    Either way the burnt one is gone and the clean new one on the bottom took its place
  8. Oxygen sensors going bad?

    good discussion here peeps. I finally got my o2 sensor in the mail and swapped it out last night. It's been raining so haven't had a chance to drive the car yet, but I reset the code and revved a few times, and it hasn't come back.
  9. Uniclutch

    just watched this video. It seems pretty interesting. It looks like around $1350 for using oem fly wheel. No price shown for the aftermarket version. I wonder when we start to see US distributors offering them...
  10. Have you had false knock and solved the issue?

    Mine is during shifts, very short spikes in 4th and 5th Looking forward to doing some pulls soon
  11. Oxygen sensors going bad?

    Pics of the 2 cats
  12. Oxygen sensors going bad?

    No doubt. I'm glad i caught it when I did.
  13. Oxygen sensors going bad?

    Running a roush blower. Turns out passenger side cat was melted. Now I have a p0155 code, will be swapping the o2 sensor tomorrow
  14. Oxygen sensors going bad?

    An update.... this morning while cruising to work in 6th gear I went WOT briefly and got these codes... p0300 p0302 p0304 Since they are all on the same bank 1 , I'm pretty confident its my upstream bank 1 o2 sensor. I was also logging and will review the fuel trim activity in a bit.
  15. RACE RED S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Yea, what splitter is this?
  16. Oxygen sensors going bad?

    So what would you suggest?
  17. Oxygen sensors going bad?

    Random misfire at high rpm... p0300 Changed spark plugs Going to do cat deletes tomorrow w big daddy defoulers Did some idling in the driveway and took some live readings of o2 sensors. I thought it was strange to see some negative voltage
  18. Post shifter install questions

    glad to hear it. I also have a weighted shift knob. I recently added the whiteline trans bushing insert and it helps the shift feel as well. I drilled a 1inch hole in the middle.