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  1. Windshield Shade

    I have the one from Ford, it is a cover craft with Mustang written on it. Love it better than the weather tech I had in my truck. Weather tech is ok, but doesn’t fold and pain to store.
  2. 10R80 - First start of the day

    If I hadn’t driven mine for a few days or longer when I shifted into reverse and the drive it would be very and lurch if my foot wasn’t on the brake all the way to the floor. One of the reasons I wanted to upgrade to a manual.
  3. Shelby Mach 1

    I think it’s because Shelby wasn’t involved in the original Mach 1
  4. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    I pulled up behind a lady at a stop light. She moved forward few feet, so I inched up behind her like I always do, not riding her ass, just moved up like she did. She moved up a few more feet, so I moved up again. Not thinking anything of it. She looks in her rear view mirror, then runs the red...
  5. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    I want to do the exact same to mine
  6. Shelby Widebody finally finished!

    Have you gotten it home yet?
  7. Advice Ya'll !!!!

    Looks like a great car, price seems to be reasonable, and carfax seems good too. If it's what you want I would say get it. It will be hard to find a convertible in the color you want.
  8. I blew up my FBO Coyote!

    Yea, I was kinda hoping to find out what blew up the motor and how his build went.
  9. Another Copart 500

    That would be great
  10. Another Copart 500

    You said it was stolen from a dealer. Was it being sold as new or a left over new 21? Just curious, if new what Ford would do about the owners kit. Lol. Just my curiosity I guess. Love the color combo.
  11. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    Yea eastern NC is too damn hot right now. I wait until 7 pm to mow the yard and even then it’s hot. I’m gonna do a quick wash but I’ll wait until fall for a full detail
  12. What happened to AM

    I have only ordered a few times from them and never had a problem and it actually showed up early. But I have not ordered an oversized item. I don't think AM is the real culprit here, I have ordered oversized items from other places and the packaging was just as bad as that. I ordered some...
  13. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    I will check them out. Thank you
  14. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    How long did it take for them to ceramic it? I am wanting to get this done, and I can't find anyone close to me. I dont mind the drive from New Bern.
  15. Saving My Mode ?

    I wish the Magneride was decoupled as well. Mymode is saved as Magneride and engine in normal, exhaust sport and steering sport. I usually only change my exhaust if I am going through a drive thru
  16. Hard Parking: A Mach 1 Picture Only Thread.

    Looks awesome, I’ve been thinking about putting them on my non-HP.
  17. Hard Parking: A Mach 1 Picture Only Thread.

    Are those the HP wheels?
  18. Hilarious! Has anyone else seen this?

    You will have to make a project video of that 😂
  19. Hilarious! Has anyone else seen this?

    I didn’t notice it was JEGS, but it’s funny that it’s on Walmart’s website