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  1. Help me decide on final gear ratio.

    I have a 2018 gt pp1 with the torsen diff and 3.73 gears. Car is whippled and a manual. Im looking to lower my cruise rpms about 300ish on the freeway as im running about 2400-2500rpm at cruise now. I dont want to crush my accelerations but i know there is a little trade off. And for any who has...
  2. Ram clutches pedel height adjuster mount

    I avoid drilling holes if i can. Took to cad to draw a mount up for my clutch pedel height adjuster and 3d printed it out for fitment. I will have a metal one made using the cad design.
  3. Michigan Focal 6x9's model 690AC

    Bought them for saddlebag lids on the harley but never used them. Paid $300 for them they are $350 right now on Crutchfield. Still factory taped in the packaging. $150 local pickup (preferred) or plus shipping...
  4. Throttle body twitch.

    I have noticed a strange noise from under the hood while the car is off. Its a random noise with no pattern i can tell of. The other day i was checking my oil and i heard it. Sounded like it was the throttle body twitching closed and the blade hitting the body. What gives with that??
  5. Michigan 2018 gt strut tower brace. Silver $75

    Pulled from car with 12,000 miles when i installed the whipple. $75 detroit, Michigan area.
  6. Michigan 2018 pp1 sway f/r sway bars. $100

    Front and rear sway bars off my 2018 gt pp1. Pulled at 26k miles. $100 local pickup. Detroit, Michigan area.
  7. Any Extended wheel studs other than the 3inch?

    Im running some thin 5mm wheel spacers in the front i wonder if anyone knows of extended wheel studs other than the 3" variety. I dont want open lug nuts or long lug nuts. Trying to keep it clean and low profile. I would love 5-10mm longer studs. I suppose i could cut them down and chamfer the...
  8. Do i really want the corsa axlebacks

    Walking around the car today after a repair i was listening to the exhaust and it has me wondering if i really want to do the axlebacks. It sounds good to me as is. Catless cooks 3" to the stock active axlebacks. H pipe with 18" bottle resonators
  9. Positive whipple customer service.

    We all have negitives to say on venders so its nice to have good things to say as well. My idler pulley on my whipple went out and i made a support ticket to get a replacement. I made one on my lathe figuring i would have to pay full price ($120) plus shipping with it being out of warranty but...
  10. Michigan Roush rear diffuser

    I have a new roush rear diffuser that was part of a lot purchase. I dont need it as i already have one on the car. Its in new condition however in a different box. The original box got wet at some point and the carboard was kinda soft and brittle. Willing to ship if you pay the cost but local...
  11. Clearance issue with magnaride and ajustable swaybar links.

    2018 gt with pp1/magnaride. Steeda swaybars and endlinks. Steeda says the clear other than the end holes but the end links appear to me like they will get hung in the wires to me. Did i not do something i was supposed to or what? Also sitting on steeda ultimate track springs and extended ball...
  12. Heat exchanger modification?

    Is it a bad idea to modify a heat exchanger? I have the oversized whipple heat exchanger and i think the water line hookup points are really not in the best spot. The one im concerned about is on the passenger side. It shoots straight right out the side and whipple gives you a flimsy 180 degree...
  13. Broken connector on mag ride shock.

    While swapping out the front sway bar i had to turn my wheel the other direction and while i was turning i heard a instant crunch...:crying: after looking around i seen the swaybar end link crushed the connector on the shock. Anyone know where to get the connector so i can repair it?
  14. Is there a pubic "list" for production numbers?

    Curious to know if there is a list or repository where you can see how many cars were made with a certain color or option(s) by year?
  15. Out of town and my belt is chirping.

    Just got to myrtle beach for mustang week and my belt started making a chirping noise like a field full of crickets on my whipple car. Dripped a few drops of water on it and it stopped making noise (checking to make sure it wasnt a bearing) i know its 82" long but i want to try and get a new...
  16. What Venders/members are going to mustang week?

    Who all is going to mustang week at myrtle beach? This will be my first and likely only time going. Heard the guy who runs it is shutting it down unless someone takes it over. That right?
  17. This might be the wrong forum for me.

    Every morning i wake up and check the market to see if anything cool has been posted. I scan the threads to see what people are doing with their cars. My wallet hasn't had a dollar in it since i joined and my wife said my want list grew 10ft longer than it already was. Im not alone right? 😬
  18. Pulley swap without tune? Only 1psi more.

    I have a 2018 stage 2 whipple car. Kooks without kitties and 3in back to the axles. I had it dyno tuned and i bought a size smaller blower pulley for 1lb more boost. Can the computer adapt for that or is it a mandatory tune thing? My tuner is not available at the this time as he is off for...
  19. Changing whipple pulley sizes.

    I have a 2018 stage 2 whipple car. Kooks without kitties and 3in back to the axles. I had it dyno tuned and i bought a size smaller blower pulley for 1lb more boost. Can the computer adapt for that or is it a mandatory tune thing? My tuner is not available at the this time as he is off for...
  20. Anyone try this reverse light?

    The reverse light on the mustang is horrible, lol. I dont like using backup cameras only because i dont want to become dependent on them. There are times i will look at it but i prefer using mirrors. Anyway i found this lightbar that goes on your licence plate. Its 2,700 raw lumens and i think...