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  1. Blow-off valve tuning

    I run a TurboSmart RacePort blow-off valve and have ran it for a couple years as it was delivered. On basically every gear change or moderate throttle lift gives a soft woosh. It's just too much. I don't need to draw attention to myself on the street and I've noticed is causes a complete boost...
  2. BMR front subfame

    Hey all, my wife bought me a BMR front sub for Christmas and it showed up the other day. This thing was just under $600 and made in the US. I honestly don't understand how they can sell this thing for $600 and not lose money. It's really nice. Everything appears to be waterjet or laser cut and...
  3. Magneride fault PSA

    If you happen to find yourself busting across the CA desert, you may come across intersections with big unmarked drains. It turns out you take one hell of a ride and then your fancy suspension throws fault codes and stops being so fancy. So here's the deal. When the rear suspension compresses...
  4. California Free spring sets

    2 sets HPP HP set and Vogtland Sports. Pick them up and they're yours. I'm in Huntington Beach, CA.
  5. Vogtland Spring set

    I've got a set of springs for a non-HP car. 35mm drop front 220 #/in rate and 25mm drop rear 880#/in rate. I'm no longer using them. Before trying to sell these things, I'll give them to anyone here that wants to actually use them in anger. You pick up or pay the shipping and they're yours...
  6. Vogtland Sport springs_SoCal_OC

    I'm getting these out of the garage. 35mm front and 25mm rear ride height drop from stock. 220#/in front rate & 880 #/in rear rate. These do not fit Magneride cars. The front springs are presently fitted with polyurethane spring rubbers to increase rate and ride height for autocross (If you're...
  7. Where the hell's the stock radio unlock code?

    Well, that's pretty much it. I need to know where to find the code to unlock the radio, because right now, I'm locked out.
  8. Springs and things

    Here is a little documentation on the what and why of my spring changes and choices. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TL;DR I have tried several spring packages. 165/220/~280/450 have all been used on the front and 728/750/850/950 have all been...
  9. Toe bearing R & R tool

    I'm curious, what bearing puller kit have you used for getting the bushing out & bearing in to the rear upright? I need to buy one & could use the advice.
  10. FARB pickup mounts

    Is there any interest in discussing the relative merits of a strut vs. control arm mount for the front bar?