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  1. Seven 82 Auction

    I visited Seven 82 Motors current auction open day yesterday. 40 classic and collector cars up for online bidding. Some original restorations and some replica cars. Nice show of beautiful cars.
  2. 10R80 Transmission Tune

    Lately I have had my 2018 10R80 ten speed transmission tuned following previous coding changes done by a great little business out of Bris Vegas. https://customcarcoding.com.au/product/ford-mustang-10-speed-auto-tune/ Mitch at Custom Car Coding has previously activated line lock, removed...
  3. 18+ Quad Exhaust Tips

    4 x Tritrust brand polished stainless steel exhaust tips. Slip over existing tips and tighten with integral clamps. Can be welded for permanent solution. 3.5 inch inlet and 4 inch outlet. These were bought off Amazon US for AUD $205. Selling for AUD $100 + postage (or pick up Gold Coast) They...
  4. American Racing Headers and Borla Switchfire X pipe.

    Has anyone done this combination on an 18+. I have been running the Switchfire since before they were called Switchfire and love it. I am considering adding the ARH but concerned that the combination might just be too loud. I would consider adding in resonators to the set up if needed.
  5. A pillar tweeter rattling.

    One of my A pillar tweeters on my 2018 has developed a rattle. Can anyone describe how the tweeter is held in or better, how to remove it so that I can find the annoying rattle. It is not the cover that is making the noise. Thanks.
  6. Supercharging & comprehensive insurance

    A question to those who have added superchargers. What has been the resulting change to your insurance premiums or excess.
  7. 2018 Oil Filter

    I have read on this forum that the correct oil filter for the Australian Mustang GT is Ryco Z928 but when I put this into Supercheap parts picker I am advised that it is not suitable for a 2018. Can anyone advise of the correct filter for the 2018 and if there are alternatives that are proven to...
  8. Strut tower brace & K brace.

    Can someone enlighten me on whether our GT's have a K brace. I am thinking of fitting a strut tower brace but the one I am looking at advises that it can not be fitted to cars that have the k brace.
  9. 15,000 klm service BYO

    I understand that the 15,000klm one year service done by the dealer is $445. I am nowhere near that time yet but I am curious if anyone has got their dealer to use owner supplied engine oil and had a price reduction on the service price. I am thinking of going with Liqui Moly Special Tec F with...
  10. Exotic Pony Mods HUD

    Exotic Pony Mods have a mirrorless heads up display for the 15 to 18 Mustang. I understand that the LHD version has been available for a few months now but the RHD version is being held up with a manufacturing problem. Has anyone fitted the LHD version and if so what are your thoughts. cheers
  11. Drivers seat cooling by default

    Just a minor issue I have had since nearly new. When I first start the car the drivers seat cooling is intermittently turned on about 4 notches automatically. Is this something that others have. I just have to unset it each time. May be hard to replicate at the dealer.
  12. Borla X-Pipe with 2018 Active Exhaust

    I posted on the general forum before I realized this might be a better spot to ask. I have been contemplating getting an x-pipe for my 2018 GT active exhaust. The Borla #60662 looks interesting although expensive. I have been unable to find any reviews. Can anyone first hand experience provide...
  13. Borla X-Pipe with Active Exhaust

    Has anyone had experience with the Borla X-Pipe #60662 on a 2018+ GT with active exhaust. It is distinctly different to others that I have seen. https://www.borla.com/products/mustang_gt_xpipe_part__60662.html
  14. Warranty Work

    Well at my 3 month 1st service last week I pointed out a sesame seed (or smaller) sized raised dag in my bonnet paintwork which looked as though a bit of metal got caught up in the painting at the factory. As well as this I had a whinge about what I considered to be thin paint in the air dams...
  15. Anyone We Know?

  16. Tell me if I'm naive.

    I might be naive, I don't know, but why do some people blank out their number plates when posting pics of their cars.
  17. 91 to 98 RON

    The just released Australian sales brochure lists the 5.0 fuel type as 91 to 98 RON. I have not checked the manual yet but how much difference will/should I notice if I went for one of the lower types. I usually run BP fuel and they are expensive as is.
  18. Ceva

    Can anyone say if vehicle tracking on the Ceva site includes the trip to the dealer or does it stop at the Ford holding yard.
  19. GPS Trackers

    I have been thinking about installing a GPS tracker to my car when it arrives. I am primarily after a unit that I can geofence the car and to immobilise the car further than OEM measures if it has been stolen. I am trying to avoid the bigger sellers software subscriptions and other ongoing costs...
  20. DIY CQuartz UK Paint Protection

    Has anyone got first hand knowledge of the CQuartz UK paint protection. Can the average Joe apply it successfully. Is the finish as good as a professional job. Can it be mucked up. I know that before it is applied the paint has to be decontaminated & prepared etc per the instructions. I am...