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  1. 2017 alternator

    My car, base gt with pp, came with a 175 amps alternator. I’m having issues with it and need to replace it Can I use a 200 amps that came stock with mustang with automatic and heated seats? For whatever reasons the 200 amps is much cheaper than the 175 Thanks
  2. Charging system warning red symbol

    I have a 2017 PP with about 30.000 miles, it’s a track car Since the last few events i have this warning momentarily coming on regularly but only when on track I put a new battery and here is the weird thing: i took my car to the track and i got the warning once again but only 1 time and during...
  3. Can you adjust camber on a solid rear axle

    Obviously more of a general technical question than s550 What do you think? Key word here is adjustable
  4. Oil Monitor

    This gizmo use quite a few parameters such as water/oil temperature, time, engine rpm’s, etc to calculate when your next oil change is due and is quite sophisticated but lack a fundamental parameter..: the type of oil you are using. All calculations must be based on the factory fill and...
  5. Aluminum vs cast iron differential

    My understanding is that the aluminum went behind automatics and cast behind the manuals Any insight as to why? I have a 17 Pp1 and it would be a good way to drop some weight
  6. Another engine failure

    2017 gt pp with ford performance pack 2. 22k miles While driving I felt the engine slightly down in horsepower below 4500 , check engine light on. Cylinder 8 misfiring Car is at dealer, no compression on 8, tearing engine down per Ford Great dealer Replaced already 2 engines on my friend...
  7. Cylinder 8 issue

    2017 GT PP with power pack 2 22.000 miles So, I only use this car for the track and to drive there Today at Thunderhill I felt that the car was slightly down on power Came back to the pit and check engine light was flashing Connected my obd2 tool and code was pO308, misfiring cylinder 8 Was...
  8. Need 18x11 wheels

    Sorry if wrong forum Trying to get a set of Apex wheels in 18x11 but they have been back ordered for months with a always changing eta Anyone has a set that they will be willing to sell ? Thanks
  9. Oil cooler

    Do you know if the Mach 1 have both an oil to water and oil to air coolers or just the oil to air ? Thanks Talking about engine oil
  10. Brembo dust boots heat cracks

    My 17 gtpp is mostly a track car and I have noticed that most of the dust boots have a lot of heat related damages Any sources for better dust boots? Thanks
  11. Mishimoto oil cooler kit question

    Hi I have a 17 PP1 that I track extensively and want to add an oil cooler A pretty common cooler kit is the Mishimoto but the only data that I can find regarding the testing they did between their kit and the factory system is 100% BS for marketing and not useful at all for real data They tested...
  12. Oil temperature sensor

    I have a 2017 GT PP1 that I track extensively and my next modification is to remove the marginal oil-to-water cooler and add a large air-to-oil cooler kit from Harrop ( google it, it’s a very interesting design) Anyhow, I would like to add a “real” oil temperature gauge and for that I would like...
  13. Manual VS Auto

    I have “reformulated“ my question to avoid any pointless arguments. How many people bough a manual because they don’t know how to drive an automatic?
  14. A bit disappointed with my 17 GT PP

    Was at Laguna seca last Friday and even on a 80* day, I got the rear differential overheated warning every single session after about 15/20 minutes That is also after changing the fluid to 75w140 Oil temp was dangerously close to the yellow ( about 270*) The Friday before that, I was at...
  15. oil temperature gauge

    I have a 2017 GT PP took the car on the track for the first time yesterday and the oil temp ( the virtual gauge in the left screen) was getting very close to yellow Do any of you have a scale/ temperature numbers for this gauge????? Pretty stupid the have a gauge with no numbers thanks