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  1. New Oil from Pennzoil

    Here is a new oil from Pennzoil, this is for the ones that change their oil in the fall.
  2. Interesting Read on Engine Oil

    If you have time, this article from Penrite Oil has some good information regarding mineral and synthetic oils. It breaks down additives and other ingredients in the oils. Its a long read, but I thought it was worth it...
  3. Pony In the Sky

    This was the sunset this afternoon. Maybe it’s just me but I see a running horse.
  4. Factory Camber Plate Adjustments and Limitations

    He guys, Im trying to find more information regarding the factory camber plates installed on the HP models. Current set-up is the HP wheels with 305's up front, 325's rear. Im changing to a square 19X11 +52 with 305's. I have 25mm spacers for the front, along with ARP extended studs. My...
  5. Highly Recommend Precision Paint

    Thank you Shawn @PrecisionPaint for the quality touch up kit. The communication, shipping and packaging was perfect.
  6. Cape Fear Mustang Club

    Hello All, I am thinking about reviving a club we used to have here in Wilmington, NC. Cape Fear Mustang Club, was popular in the late eighties and early nineties. The car show/club scene has pretty much died in this area, with the exception of C&C. We have a few clubs, including Mustang...
  7. HP Wheel Paint Code

    Hello all, Unfortunately, I found a chip on one of my wheels, and I want to order some touch-up paint. Does anyone know if touch-up paint is available? Thanks for the help.
  8. Mustang Show MB, SC September 10th

    Hello all, Coastal Carolina Mustang Club is having their annual show September 10th at Broadway at the Beach. Im not in the club, just going to have a good time, if you want to enter, $25 before the show $30 day of. I have spoken to a few members that are going. If you are free, it was fun last...
  9. North Carolina White Madness Automatic Shifter and Cover $100

    Hello, Im selling a brand new never installed White Madness chrome short shifter for the A10, along with the factory manual shifter cover. The shifter has been mounted to the cover. Price is $120, $100 shipped to the lower 48. Bottom Price
  10. North Carolina Michelin Sport Cup 2 Tires

    Hello, I have a set of Cup 2 tires that I took off my Mach 1, 305/30 and 315/30. The tires have 52 miles on them. I will clean them before selling, if you are interested in more pictures, I will send them. Make offer
  11. Mach 1's at Mustang Week

    Hello All, Wondering if anyone in this group is going to Mustang Week? I will be there possibly Friday, and definitely Saturday. If anyone wants to meet up let me know, it would be nice to put a face with a name.
  12. Did anyone own this one?

    Hello All, I have found a used Mach in Amherst, Ohio. Was this anyone's on
  13. 21 & 22 Intake Tube Designs

    I have a question regarding the MAF location from the 21 (top) and 22 (bottom). Would replacing the 22 tube with a 21 cause issues or a CEL? The reason I ask, is the relocation of the MAF on the 22, looks like an afterthought with the wire just draped across the tube. There have several...
  14. Two Great Sellers

    I would like to thank @Interceptor and @SROhlms for being top notch guys to deal with. Easy conversation and the items being just as described.
  15. Ford's All Electric Future

    https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ford-motor-company_bill-ford-on-ford-motor-future-were-going-activity-6897172050881196032-cdEk Interesting video from Bill Ford, and the future of the company.
  16. Hagerty or Grundy Insurance?

    Hello All, These questions are for those that have Hagerty or Grundy insurance on your cars. Overall experience and satisfaction Filing claims, easy or push back? Pricing The reason I ask, is there is a significant cost savings with Grundy versus Hagerty. A friend of mine has a Lightning...
  17. Engine Bay Chassis Plaque

    Hello all, I was on the Procharger site window shopping for a car that's not here, and I noticed the chassis number plaque for the engine bay. Does anyone know who makes this, and where to get it? Thanks in advance.
  18. Elite Package worth the money?

    Hello all, Just came back from ordering my new M1 and I didn’t go with the additional expense of the elite package. For those without, do you wish you would have and for those that do, was it worth the cost of admission? Thanks for the input, I have a week to change my order.