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  1. Anyone Due To Take Their Front End Off (Or Have A Front Bumper Bar Off The Car) ?

    Hi, I have a little project on the go, and I am hoping someone can help with regards to a few basic photos and measurements, or even a paper template taken from the standard front bumper bar ? I’ve started my request in the U.K. forum, as I ideally need the info taking from a car with both the...
  2. A Little Moan About ‘Disposable’ Vapes …

    I don’t really know where to have a little rant about this issue, so here will have to do … :giggle: A bit of a long story, but to set the scene : Me and the misses have been targeting some sleeping problems, and part of the process is having a fixed wake up time, and then immediately becoming...
  3. Anyone Got A Taillight Off The Car ? Photo & Measurement Request.

    Hi, If anyone has a taillight off the car, please could you do me a quick favour and : Measure the diameter of the mounting stud (I am assuming M5 / 5mm or M6 / 6mm). Measure the approximate diameter of the flat area surrounding the studs. Take a photo of the back of the light, so I can see...
  4. Louder In Cold Weather ?

    Since having a H pipe fitted to my active exhaust, it’s always been a little louder and given more burbles on the overrun (compared to the standard active) - particularly during on / off throttle at reasonably low revs. However since the colder weather has started to move in, it’s got...
  5. 15-17 & 18-23 Decklid Fitment Differences ?

    I know the 15-17 decklid panels have some extra locating tabs when compared to the 18-23 decklid panels : But do I need to cut them off, or will my 2020 trunk lid accept an earlier (unmodified) panel ? I don’t want to cut them off if I don’t need to, but if I do need to cut them off, I would...
  6. Standard (PP1 / Mach Non HP) Front Wheel Fitment Question.

    Based on front wheels only, does anyone know the offset of the PP1 9" wide fronts : And the same question for the standard M1 (non HP) 9.5" wide fronts : Which I assume is the same as the option Y spoke non HP (non birds nest) fronts ? I'm interested as based on a euro spec pp1 and a...
  7. Insurance Increases ?

    Hi, Not much point in quoting figures as they are very individual but percentage wise, are you all seeing a considerable jump in your premium ? I've had no changes to the policy or my circumstances, and in the time I have owned the car (2020) the renewals have gone up : 2021 = 1% 2022 =...
  8. Warranty - Years 4 To 8 (Ford Protect).

    For those of you into 4+ years of ownership, did you keep the warranty ? (or do you wish you would have done ?) Here is my quote : I'm wondering if this is cheap oil cooler, or digi dash etc etc insurance ? All comments appreciated :like: WD :like:
  9. Manual WTB : Clutch Pedal Extender.

    Has anyone got a clutch pedal extender they would like to get rid of ? If I’m being picky, I would prefer the aluminium type - but plastic also considered. Please let me know if you can help. Cheers, WD :like:
  10. WANTED - Used / Old / Knackered Rear Calliper

    Hi, I'm looking for an old rear calliper (and pad carrier) assembly. Either right or left side is good, I don't need pads and it doesn't need to work - rusty and seized up is good enough. I need a GT calliper - unless the GT or EB are the same ? The cheaper the better Cheers, WD :like:
  11. My Tips For Fitting Vertical Links.

    Well it’s my experience of one and YMMV, but I thought this may help some :like: After reading probably every vertical link fitting instructions I could find and viewing the same on youtube, it was clear that some people really struggled - I have even seen some guys resort to using a hammer to...
  12. Lower Rear Control Arm Bearings / Bushings Question.

    I've been having a look around my euro spec Magride GT (similar to a PP1 with MR) and I was surprised to see that one of the inner rear lower control arm mounting locations (the rear) uses a spherical bearing, as does the control arm to knuckle connection. I assume this is the standard...
  13. Hopefully I Won’t Get Told Off For This …

    I’m hoping it’s acceptable to shamelessly steal this article from the U.K. club magazine and post it here : I think most people in the U.K. are well aware of this kind of theft, but a gentle reminder in the club mag and on this forum can only be a good thing :like: WD :like:
  14. Anyone's Kids Into Scouting ? (World Scout Jamboree 2023)

    Does anyone have kids that are into Scouting and if so, any chance they are off to the world scout jamboree in South Korea ? Perhaps there are some leaders or members of the support team that are on here ? Asking as my eldest is going - and getting quite excited now ... :sunglasses: WD :like:
  15. GT500 at The Nurburgring

    I posted this in the 500 forum, but I know it can be slow in there sometimes and there are plenty of you in here that will be interested : WD :like:
  16. GT500 runs The Nurburgring

    I thought you guys might be interested in this : WD :like:
  17. Euro Cars - Diff Oil Change Advice / Experiences.

    Just thought I would post my experiences for those of you with a Euro (or any Track Lock diff) car and want to change the diff oil :like: It's a bit of a long story, so bear with me ... lol. In bullet point format : I broke a diff bolt. Ford took care of the warranty. Part of the job was to...
  18. Could Someone With Their Rear Wheels Off Do Me A Favour … ?

    If someone with their back wheels off could do me a quick favour, it would be really appreciated :sunglasses: I need to know the diameter of the ‘safety washer’ that’s fitted to the top vertical link mount : Thanks ! WD :like:
  19. Shelby T Shirts In Tesco

    WD :like:
  20. Magnetic Diff Plugs ?

    Hi, Are the standard Ford differential fill and drain plugs magnetic ? Thanks in advance for any replies :like: WD :like: