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  1. Trunk lid drain holes?

    I guess I'm not as observant as I thought. Just noticed a hole in each upper corner of the trunk lid that shows debris. There is a clear sticker over them. Is it (the sticker) meant to be there?
  2. base sync iphone/iTunes?

    Must I use the phone itself to browse tunes on my iphone? My ipod song library comes up the the dash screen, but not the iphone.
  3. Went to the strip to see what she'd do

    Stock '17 V6, a6, 3.15's, 17" Hankooks, Rousch cat backs the only mod, 1/2 tank of 93, 75 degrees, 5 runs, brake torque in S to about 2k, let her rip and shift automatically. Haven't been to the drag strip in a while, all the runs were pretty consistent, so I guess I won't be seeing 13's any...
  4. Do the 2 usb ports charge?

    2017 base model. I'm sure this can be found somewhere, but will the 2 usb ports charge the device as well as play it? How about when then car is off? I bought a cigar lighter charging adapter, but just would like to know.
  5. 0-60 87 vs 93

    I've been using 87 octane for the last year or so. Why pay $1 more per gallon if I'm just cruising around? But i do the occasional 0-60 on the accelerometer and 6.2 is about the best I can do. Now with prices down, I put some 93 in and can run easy 5.7's. Maybe better, with a little...
  6. Base center dash display question

    If it's in gauge mode when I shut off, it will revert to Main Menu when restarted. Is this normal? If it's in trip/fuel when shut off, it stays in that mode on restart.
  7. Rear wheel well mounting holes purpose?

    At the back of the rear wheel well, the liner is cut away to expose these holes. Anyone know the purpose? Mud flaps maybe?
  8. Shopping cart attack ends well

    March 14, very windy and I made the mistake of parking in a Nationally known building supply parking lot. Came out to find cart plowed into car. It was an awkward spot and right down to bare metal. Not happy because body was perfect. Took some pics, went back in and filled out a report. The...
  9. Colorado or Bust

    Hopefully the former. Chicago to Boulder via I-80, 1000 miles. Pulling my 4'x6.5' former popup camper full of things to my daughter's house, tomorrow. Two day trip and my first with this rig. Looks like decent weather so my main concerns are the small trailer wheels (4.00x8) and low hitch...
  10. Anyone else read Mustang Monthly?

    For you car mag people, you will not find any S550's but.... My '17 is my first, and I've always been a 'watcher" of this American Icon. I get a kick reading the stories behind and the restorations of the first gen without who's popularity we wouldn't be here today. Editor Rob Kinnan does a...
  11. Does the V6 have track apps?

    Mine shows nothing on the info display and I can't find a definitive answer from a search. It's listed on the Monroney sticker. Thanks in advance.
  12. Drivng with the windows down

    An unexpected absolute pleasure in this car. My favorite way to drive, rain excluded and the elimination of drip moldings is another story. My Mustang's cabin is amazingly quiet and draft free compared to what I'm used to, even on the highway. The aero shapes of most new cars make the...
  13. Mustang image on base radio screen

    The pony image shows on the base radio screen for a moment upon start up. Is there a way to keep there with the car running, radio off? Such a cool image, it's a shame it disappears after a second and the screen goes blank.
  14. My GT strut brace install

    First off, I did it 90% for looks. Paid $110 from an online Ford dealer. Drilled some 1 1/4" "lightening" holes for looks and changed out the emblem. I put a bend in it as shown for clearance. Trial and fit. Give it a good bend as it will spring back some. It's easy, actually. I filed some...
  15. 17" Hankooks dress up

    Those that have them, I actually like the retro look of the base wheels and 2355517 tires. The Tire Stickers in 1 1/4" height match the molded in Hankook logo almost perfectly and add some bling at a fairly reasonable price.
  16. Fender badge template

    I'm putting a 3.7 decal on the fender and want it to look right. The only legitimate looking spec. I can find is this pictured template. It shows the badge angled about 2 degrees up from parallel to the body crease. I printed the template, took it to the dealer and held it to a 5.0 badge on a...