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  1. Georgia Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Adapter $50 Each, Shipped (Price Lowered)

    Two (2) Motorola Android Adapters for sale. $50 each shipped. Best Buy sells for $90 each. Selling them because my daughter decided I needed an iPhone :). These work great and so far I haven't found a Carplay adapter that works as seamlessly as these Android adapters work.
  2. Georgia Brand New FORScan USB2 Adapter $25 Shipped

    I bought this and never used it. $25 Shipped.
  3. B&O Systems Finally Replaced and Tuned

    It's been 2 months since acquiring everything for my system upgrade and getting it finished and tuned. I had the tuning done at Auto Accents in Lawrenceville, GA. A great shop with a great crew working there. For those that haven't seen the other threads, I posted in. I replaced everything...
  4. Low Cylinder Pressure on 3 Cylinders 2020 Roush Stage 3

    My coworker has a 2020 Roush Stage 3. He had it tuned, smaller pulley, aftermarket oil pump gears. Drives like a madman and recently had multiple misfires. This is what the cylinder pressures look like. It looks like this could get to be a little expensive, depending on what is found when...
  5. Microfiber Towels/Cloths and Comments

    I haven't really seen many threads on the various microfiber towels/cloths that are being used and for what purposes. I was going through my detail closet this week and notice I have a lot of different microfiber towels and cloths and a few questions came to mind. Which companies's microfiber...
  6. Georgia NO Longer for Sale: New Soler Engineering Performance Throttle Controller $110 Shipped

    This is a brand new throttle controller that I never used. $110 Shipped.
  7. Tire Air Valve cap keeps coming off!

    I have one wheel that keeps losing the valve cap. I know there isn't anyone messing with it, as a couple of days ago I put a new cap on and drove for 5 miles and it was gone again. I am guessing I could put a piece of clear tape over it or get Discount Tire to change out the valve stem.
  8. Velgen Classic 5 V2 Wheels

    I had a few people ask me for more pics of the Velgen Classic 5 V2 Wheels that I mounted this week. Here are some pics from different angles.
  9. Southeast Shop to Install MGW shifter

    Does anyone know of a quality shop to install the MGW gear shifter and possibly, the Steeda Stop the Hop Kit. Anywhere in GA, SC, and parts of NC?
  10. Georgia WTB Two (2) Velgen VF5 Gloss Black wheels for S550

    I am going out on a limb and looking for two (2) Velgen VF5 in Gloss Black in 20x11 size.
  11. Looking for a good Audio Install Shop in Southeast

    Does anyone have any suggestions for really good audio install shops in the SE? I'm thinking ATL, Charlotte, Columbia, Greenville, etc. I haven't found a good one in Augusta. I want to do a complete upgrade of my B&O system. I'm in Colorado for the holidays and visited a couple of the really...
  12. It is Great to Have Choices

    Emilbadal photoshopped three caliper colors for me. I think I'm torn between the black and the green calipers equally.
  13. Watching for UPS on the interactive map.

    I was wondering if I am the only one that will pull up the UPS interactive delivery map when I am expecting a delivery? I'm sitting here working from home and have the map open in another window to watch out for today's car goodies. The sucker has been in the neighborhood for almost an hour and...
  14. Detail Complete

    PPF, Ceramic Coating, and Window Tint completed.
  15. Security Camera Capture

    https://photos.google.com/search/_tv_Videos/photo/AF1QipMA4Zko2B-PlJ4j43N492lXPeE0kdVQWL4nJKdq https://photos.google.com/search/_tv_Videos/photo/AF1QipNnlxvIQkvZDTgqAo2Di17JnaG350J_kuxp8nAT
  16. Dealer Put in Wrong Oil

    I took the car in for an oil change today. I informed the Service Manager to use 5w-50 full synthetic. He verified they had it in stock and wrote on the paperwork to install 5w-50. Car get done and tech brings it out. SM hands me the bill for $60. I Checked the ticket and yep 10 quarts of...
  17. New Rear Deck Lid (Not lid panel)

    Has anyone purchased a new rear deck lid? I'm thinking on buying a new one because I have the standard spoiler and want to mount the 350R spoiler. I'm thinking the cost would probably be the same to just buy the new lid and have it painted, as it would cost to somehow fill the holes from the...
  18. Georgia SOLD For Sale Like New 2019 5.0 Engine Cover

    This engine cover was removed from the car last week with only 5 miles on the engine. I am located in Augusta, GA but can ship. $50
  19. Green Koenig Build

    Hello everyone, I'm new here on the site but have been posting a little lately. I decided to do a build thread to help me track things as I do them. Background: I'm probably a little older than many on here but younger than some :) but hey that doesn't stop the fun. The car is a 2019 GT...
  20. To Cover or Not to Cover

    I'm trying to decide if I want to add the Roush coil covers. Something about me likes the old school, see what's under the hood look. If I do go the Roush covers, I will do something similar to the second pic but with my own custom touches. Just like to hear what others think, but of course, I...