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  1. 3 year update

    Mine will be five years soon, and it still makes me smile every time I ride!! Can't see anything that could replace it!
  2. Aircon stopped working

    An update on the second out of warranty air con failure - you guys were right, it's booked in for Wednesday to have the compressor replaced! I'm also happy to report that Ford has agreed to cover all costs, so great to see them continue to be good guys and stand by their product, although they...
  3. Aircon stopped working

    Thanks Graham Here's hoping!
  4. Aircon stopped working

    Thanks would be happy to not have the dash out again! Not optimistic though as the symptoms are the same as last time. Hard to understand how this major problem is still an issue. Fingers crossed it's something else.
  5. Aircon stopped working

    Thanks for that, I'll keep the group posted!
  6. Aircon stopped working

    Hate to be bringing this thread up again but, took the Stang out for a cruise on a spectacular day for the first day of spring and no aircon! Very weak passenger side and only warm air on drivers side. Ford were happy to cover the dash out evap replacement out of warranty 11 months ago at...
  7. Oil Dipstick level

    I'm not sure but I would have thought the oil level on the dipstick should read between the lines even with the extra capacity! I have however heard of more than one instance of a FM being overfilled with oil after the FN came out with it's extra oil capacity!!
  8. Aircon stopped working

    An update on what was confirmed to be a failed evaporator. Ford did cover the cost of replacement even though the warranty had expired! I was very concerned about having the dash out but can also report that after collecting the car today all seems well. Thanks to Ford for standing by their...
  9. Aircon stopped working

    Unfortunate to have the problem but great news that Ford is backing it's product and customers!
  10. Aircon stopped working

    Good to hear !
  11. Oil cooler failure - first hand experiences?

    Hope all goes well for GT_86 this is a well known problem that doesn't seem to happen too often to cars that aren't tracked! Here in Australia this should be covered under our consumer laws irrespective of warranty! Not to mention good will by Ford as it's well documented if not common like the...
  12. Aircon stopped working

    Hi FM GT thanks for posting. Can you tell us if you were still covered by warranty when Ford replaced it or just outside of warranty and they still treated it as a warranty job? Hope it's sorted for you. I'm waiting to go back to the dealer and have the evap replaced but it's holding up since...
  13. New Aust. Forum Member Looking for Advice.

    LOTS of aftermarket options for both appearance and performance even in Adelaide! I know Maugham Thiem Ford can help and guess so can other dealers. Heaps of options!
  14. New Aust. Forum Member Looking for Advice.

    Yep nothing, like the twin clutch but not bad when you allow for the delay, I use mine often! Oops quoted myself instead of you! The sound of that coyote never gets old, I hardly bother with music when driving!
  15. New Aust. Forum Member Looking for Advice.

    Ha ha I'm not a facebook user except for the Mustang groups and that's through my wife's profile! In addition to the SA group there is also a national group S550 Ford Mustang Owners Australia. You will be surprised at how active these groups are and the huge amount of information available...
  16. New Aust. Forum Member Looking for Advice.

    Hi xSouthSyde welcome to the group! I can with confidence suggest not to do the Recaro seats, they are great if you're not too large and want the extra support but otherwise not too good in a daily for a bigger person. The stock seats are good enough. The magnaride is an excellent thing and...
  17. Aircon stopped working

    Had the gas and dye added by my Ford dealers service department today at a cost of $180.! The good news is that when I return in 1000ks or sooner if it fails before then, I've been told that If it is the evap issue, Ford would take care of it at their cost as it is a known issue! Even though...
  18. Aircon stopped working

    Sadly I think the dash still has to come out to replace the evap! I think Waldial just meant they did a good job.
  19. Aircon stopped working

    Thanks for the update! That's a great result, it's good to see Ford stand by their product and customers. I'm hoping and expecting to report the same here soon.
  20. Aircon stopped working

    Hi All We can add mine to this long list! Out of warranty as of the end of October and about five weeks later in early December noticed air on drivers side warmer than passenger vents. Now virtually no cooling. Booked in for the 21st of this month and expecting gas top up with dye to then...