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  1. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    And taking photos whilst driving. Really safe.

    We will never get the 350, plain and simple as it does not meet emissions/noise ADRs
  3. Oil cooler failure - first hand experiences?

    My advice if you see the milkshake in the coolant bottle. Don’t touch it or leave fingerprints anywhere, keep driving it until it seizes or the dash lights up like a Christmas tree. You will stand a better chance of a replacement or refund if it failures catastrophically, will also play better...
  4. Oil cooler failure - first hand experiences?

    No idea on the part number and it’s only done 2781km
  5. Oil cooler failure - first hand experiences?

    Mine was replaced during its 12 month service today, didn’t need to ask they just did it, and it has evidence of corrosion within the alloy pipe work as well.
  6. 2018 Mustang v8 price release

    What do I think? I think we already have a thread for this, go post it in there
  7. Who is upgrading to a 2018

    It’s just the trial unit that’s been running around for awhile now.
  8. "SYNC 3" ISSUES

    Pull the fuse for 5 minutes

    Things like the different tune will alter emissions, the taillights, the bonnet etc, it would have to be an EU compliant mustang (ie what we get now) with the wheels, paint and rear boot deck. So it won’t be a builtt

    Yeah well believing what dealers say is just stupid, until Ford AU actually come out and say yes they are coming I would ignore the FUD Same was said about the gt350 yet it never came. You guys are way too gullible.
  11. Streetfighter Engine Oil Cooler Upgrade

    If the cooler has failed and it’s milky keep driving it and burn the block out. Far better then watching them attempt to clean the gunk out of the cooling and lubrication system

    It won’t happen. For a multitude of reasons, which the biggest one is that it’s not even legal to register in Australia, it does not meet several ADRs and doesn’t come close to meeting emissions.
  13. Aircon stopped working

    Because like most parts dealers can order in whatever they please as floor stock, given the particular dealer has a large warehouse for parts and is one of the main parts distributors for Nsw they keep stock on hand.
  14. New blanket

    You can get them from super cheap during sales.
  15. Spotted - 2018 S550

    Yeah it’s one of the 4 trial cars brought out
  16. Who is upgrading to a 2018

    Why don’t you ask the people in the 2018 thread?
  17. Oil cooler failure - first hand experiences?

    No hadn’t even booked it in yet, they just rang me and said that you are due for a service in March, we will have the updated oil cooler ready for installation by then. They also mentioned the AC evaporator failures but they aren’t going to touch it until it fails but they keep stock on hand...
  18. Oil cooler failure - first hand experiences?

    Mine is getting done next service, dec 16 build. Dealer already has the parts on order, I didn’t even have to ring them they notified me that they would need the car for the whole day
  19. Quad exhaust

    Cool story. We have a bragging thread already you should use that

    It won’t come to Australia. Just like how the 350 was rumoured to be coming to Aus, and gullible idiots out down a deposit on a car that was never going to happen. Just lazy click bait journalism, designed to entice the dim witted.