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  1. Insurance claim question

    No it's not. The insurance company assumes financial liability for damage and the resultant claim against the policy. They pay the claim. That's it. You have no requirement to spend it in any way.
  2. Insurance claim question

    That's not fraud.
  3. ACC Delete?

    I don't know for sure but I highly doubt you will be able to remove an integrated system like this without causing some major issues since it affects the brake system.
  4. 10 speed auto transmission (10R80) S550 Mustang showing up in Microcat

    The reality is 10 speeds aren't likely to be worthwhile in a practical sense because they will include outrageously niche overdrive gears to allow computer calculated models to give a theoretical 'real world' MPG for fleet purposes. If this was a purpose built race transmission, you might think...
  5. 10 speed auto transmission (10R80) S550 Mustang showing up in Microcat

    Since it's Ford/GM that means half the gears will have fitment issues and the other half won't work at all and cost thousands of dollars too much?
  6. New Glass Windshield Pricing...

    It depends on where you live, really. I broke one windshield in 15 years until moving to AZ. Now it's one a year. It's not worth the price of full glass in many states just because it's so rare.
  7. Car replacement ideas - Mustang6G opinions!

    Not like you have some old clunker. Keep the EB, buy house, wait for next round of model refreshes/tech updates in another year or two after you settle in and in the mean time enjoy telling them kids to get off your lawn.
  8. MAY 2016 SALES

    I'm going to be honest, I have tried really hard to find a G6 Camaro in the wild. I just cannot tell the difference, I don't think I've seen one but I'm not sure enough to know that I haven't. That's a huge problem for a major redesign. I think I saw an SS the other day, but I couldn't see...
  9. Speeding Tickets

    Be smart. Stay around or under 10% over the speed limit at all times in heavily patrolled areas, have a radar detector for the rural freeways and highways. Don't push your luck off the exit ramp, drive courteously and obey traffic laws at all times. It's really not hard. I've never seen a...
  10. Long road trip tips (more than 500 miles)

    Not that bad, the MT-82 gets pretty hot when running flat out on rural highways at uhh... spirited speed. As long as you keep it under 120 you'll do fine. The S550 (at least the premiums with the cooled seats) is a truly great touring car and I have done the 300 mile trip to Vegas several...
  11. 2016 mustang gt pp - Brake Squealing

    Too late if he's at 6800 miles. But yes usually this. Don't believe it will affect performance but it will be annoying.
  12. new cars in car shows

    I will look at any clean examples of anything. In some ways very clean later model cars are more interesting - collectors won't be bringing out their '90s cars yet and most of the roadworthy examples are going to be beat to hell. There are after all only so many times you can find yet another...

    I mean it's orange but... well OK 850 HP.
  14. Can I get an AMEN.

    Oh man thanks for reminding me, I have to get it out of the garage and drive it a bit.
  15. Will this car out drive me?

    If you take the time to learn the car and especially how RWD handles with high HP you won't have a problem. It's a boat compared to a Rabbit but will handle much better once you get used to it. Just always remember the PP pack tires are basically worthless compared to the TQ of the 5L until...
  16. Ford GT Configurator Live!

    Curious why CF wheels are standard on the 350R but optional on this. Seems backwards.
  17. Should I switch to a GT?

    While I agree in general, there are presumably more major changes than MY '17 in the works and we're going to be there soon enough. If I was in the same position I'd probably wait for the Mach 1 or post facelift at this point.
  18. Should I switch to a GT?

    I dunno, at this point I would personally probably wait for the refresh but that's just me. Not like your car got totaled. Lots of exciting GT350 (or inspired by) parts that could make it to the S550 by 2018 MY.
  19. Worried About Getting Egged

    Catching them in the act by hiding in bushes with NVGs/full camo/rifle, slowly coming up behind them and saying "boo" is likely to prevent it from happening in the future.
  20. My Ford Ownership experience (2015 Ford Fusion)

    I have to be skeptical given the info dump on a first post. I mean, TL;DR