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  1. Oil pressure surge at 2k?

    Hi all, 2021 GT PP1 6 speed. 9k miles. Castrol Edge 5W30 and a fram ultra filter. At steady state cruise right at 2K RPM, the gauge bounces back and forth around the 60psi mark, probably 5psi above and below. All other rpms to include idle it is perfectly steady. No funny noises, about 1K miles...
  2. Terrible factory seam sealer, or crash repair?

    so this is my 2020 that I purchased new with 4 miles on it. Getting ready to dynamite the trunk, and holy sheet. Does anyone else's car look like this? The dealer has not returned my calls, and Ford customer service said they couldn't help at all. Robot was hungover, or jim-bobs body shop repair?
  3. Virginia WTB: PP1 Option "Nickel Luster" Split 5-spokes

    Within a days drive of the tidewater VA area, unless you will ship. Looking for just rims, will consider with tires. Thanks!
  4. FS: JLT CAI and SCT X4 for 5.0L

    3000 miles, filter still looks new, and the tuner is like new as well. $500 shipped for both, or $300 shipped each. :ford:
  5. WTB: Stock cold air intake (box and tube)

    As stated. Might have to sell the S550 soon, but sold my stock intake as soon as I put the JLT on :frusty: Please let me know what you have, and a price :ford:
  6. Anyone removed the rear trunk "filler" panel?

    The part where the GT/Faux Gas cap/ Pony goes? I have not looked close, but I'm hoping to fab up a Carbon Fiber piece here soon, and would like to pull the panel to make a mold. Anyone removed one yet? Any tips or tricks? :cheers:
  7. Thumbs up for Lethal Performance, SCT, LUND and JLT!

    Lethal: Helpfull on the phone, gave me a deal on the '15 JLT Intake even though it wasn't on sale, and another steal on the SCTX4 with the Lund Tune. Ordered on Monday, it was at my door on Friday...even with Christmas on Thursday :) JLT- Very nice intake, easy install...and WOW on that...
  8. Cool idea: Ford engineer chat

    So on some of the other manufacturer sites (example: I used to have a Dodge Ram), the website set up a chat with one of the product engineers, and all kinds of good info was gained. Maybe, just maybe we could get Dave Pericak or one of the numerous other smart folks to do something like that...