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  1. Did't think this would happen, but here I am.

    Folks, you all know the phrase, "time is money". Well, my time has come. Our Champ Car endurance racing has become a priority and will consume most of my free time. Needles to say the R would just sit in the garage and I did not want that. The car has sold with one stipulation. The buyer did...
  2. GT350 as fast as GT500!

    There is stupid and then there is this guy.(YES I KNOW ITS CLICK BAIT LOL) Apparently this 350 almost did 190mph
  3. OBDII Oil preassure PID?

    I am using OBDLink software with OBDII MX. Both my GT350 and the R have oil pressure displayed in the center info screen on the dash. I am trying to create a gauge within the OBDLINK software to reflect oil pressure. However I cant seem to find a OBDII PID for oil pressure. Anybody have a clue...
  4. Oil preasure OBDII PID???

    I am using OBDLink software with OBDII MX. Both my GT350 and the R have oil pressure displayed in the center info screen on the dash. I am trying to create a gauge within the OBDLINK software to reflect oil pressure. However I cant seem to find a OBDII PID for oil pes. Anybody have a clue or...
  5. Exhaust valve repair attempt

    In case anyone wondered what the guts of the actuators look like. I was going to see if I could manufacture a replacement cog for the actuator. Although it is feasible, it is not cost effective. So I canned that idea. I did learn a few things. The composite material used holds up incredibly well...
  6. Italian tune up is good for the Voodoo!

    Jason strikes again with an awesome video. I find this pertinent to the 5.2L voodoo engine due to the high RPM nature and operating temps. is the "Italian tune up" is good for the engine???? Watch the video, lets hear what you think.
  7. GT350R front wheel spare????

    Looking for a Ford OEM CF R front wheel. I was run of the road and curbed the right front wheel. In my experience it is repairable but I don't have the info to determine that. Waiting on conformation from CR. Either way, my insurance is cutting me a check for the wheel, tire and TPMS...
  8. The science behind the magic of CF wheels

    Check out MotoIQ's article written by B. Johnson. https://motoiq.com/tested-carbon-revolution-carbon-fiber-wheels/
  9. Engine will not start, inprogress diagnostic.

    Hey all, I recently tracked the car at Road Atlanta and spent nearly an hour on track strait with no temp or brake issues what so ever, During the event I did have some troubles with the car but not mechanical. The car exhibited some weird electrical glitches. I depress the clutch for start and...
  10. Engine wont turn over

    I searched the forum with no results. After my first session a Road ATL I pulled into parking shut the car off like any other time. Went to start the car for my second session and no joy. Engine did not turn over.Doing what I can to prevent taking it to the dealer. I own a 16 GT350R but the...
  11. Ford custom decals

    All right community! I have reached out to Falcon Graphics several times with little success. I also hit up FP and the racing school. What I am trying to purchase is some decals to add to the R for car shows and track events. In particular I am looking for the Ford Performance logo with or...
  12. CF wheel inner barrel ceramic coating repair

    I have been meaning to do this for some time and finally got around to it. After several track visits and 9k miles on the car the inner barrel ceramic coating gets a little worse for wear. I purchased VHT Flameproof in flat white (SP101). I was going to use the some of the product we have at...
  13. Looking for OEM Coyote exhuast manifolds

    I am sure many have upgraded to shorty or full length headers. If you no longer need the OEM's give me a shout. Interested in purchasing. Thanks, Harold
  14. R owners, R wing owners or big wang owners.

    I have had an issue with body panel contact. In particular the trunk, when closed. I have adjusted the trunk stops two threads from fully extended. I still have some serious marking on the trunk edge where it mates when closed and on the tail lights. I had similar issue with my track pack...
  15. Highest mileage R?

    I know there is a similar thread out but I noticed not many R's chimed in. So, how many miles do your R's have? I bought mine used June 2017 with 1400miles. I know have close to 9kmiles. No garage queen, show car or investment here. I bought her strictly for driving and track work which is why...
  16. Raj Nair is gone! Damn!

    Wow! https://www.wsj.com/articles/ford-north-america-president-leaves-following-misconduct-allegations-1519249044 https://www.google.com/amp/www.foxnews.com/auto/2018/02/21/ford-north-america-president-raj-nair-ousted-for-inappropriate-behavior.amp.html
  17. Another review in the books!

    Yet another favorable review for the 350.
  18. Oh snap! Ford performance track showdown!

    Enjoy! https://www.automotiveworld.com/news-releases/eight-ford-performance-models-eight-ford-gt-race-drivers-one-epic-track-showdown/ GT350R is much much faster than a GT, much.
  19. 1966 GT350H up for sale!

    This particular example was owned and operated by the man himself, Carrol Shelby. Although the car has significantly appreciated it has taken more than 5 decades to do so. Enjoy your cars! That's what Mr. Shelby wanted of his cars and clearly did with this example:ford...
  20. EXO suits to help build GT500?

    How cool is this! The future is not coming. It's already here! https://qz.com/1172925/ford-is-giving-its-factory-employees-robotic-exo-suits-to-ease-to-build-cars/