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  1. pics of a 350R with 17GT

    from Rolex24. The GT is so low it makes the Mustang look like a sedan. race car is going to be supper bad when they get the bugs sorted out.
  2. Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers

    Got these at Carlisle from Keith director of Shelby Performance Parts. They replace the factory covers. Insulation was strait forward ,fit and finish was nice.
  3. To R or not to R

    I have an R on order thinking about going to the 350 with 67T package. 15G less money and probably a better street driving car. If I get the R model will I be afraid to take it any where and leave it in a parking garage and such for fear of the wheels being stolen. Plus I'm sure its going to...
  4. Shelby GT350 revving to 8200 RPM

    Sounds nice. [ame]
  5. my car arrived today [updated with weight info]

    UPDATED with weight info. Ingot GT pp is hear off the train. :)
  6. Consumer Report Videos

    hope this is not a repost. http://www.carscoops.com/2014/09/consumer-reports-first-contact-with.html
  7. Hidden running horse

    Has the hidden running horse that appears on the hood from condensation been brought up on the forum before?
  8. Small article on Autoweek