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  1. Cooled seats not cooling

    Try cleaning and vacuuming out your seat. Perforations can get clogged up over time, especially since you don’t know how often the previous owner cleaned them or if they drove the car home after a long hard day of having a dirty job. Stronger the vacuum, the better.
  2. Another mystery noise. Drivers side rear wheel well “slapping” noise.

    Update: Just pulled back wheel. Small wear spot on the outside of the shock where the end links on the sway bar has been touching. Also discovered I need to do a brake job. Pad has less than 1/8” left and that’s being generous with my measurements. Off to see which slotted rotors and pads to...
  3. Another mystery noise. Drivers side rear wheel well “slapping” noise.

    Low speed starting off or slowing down, sounds exactly like a twig or small stick caught up in the wheel and slapping the wheel well. It did this last year on my way to work one morning. I pulled over and couldn’t find anything. Noise stopped after that. Yesterday morning, same thing. Pulled...
  4. How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter

    OMG! Perfect timing for this thread to pop up in my email. I was noticing my car was smelling a bit “funky” last week after sitting for a while. Retired now and the Mustang sits more that it’s driven. Yesterday I ordered a charcoal activated filter off Amazon. Today I discovered the last...
  5. Any way to turn off headlights and run only the fog lights on a 2015?

    Thanks. Honestly, I've never played around with the light setting. I drove it off the lot new on Nov 2014, set the headlights to auto and have not touched it since then.
  6. Any way to turn off headlights and run only the fog lights on a 2015?

    Back in May I moved to an area that I am learning that gets heavy fog before sunrise. Real heavy.. Just this morning it was so bad I almost did a U turn and went home to wait on it to clear up. Instead, I came to work (doing 25 MPH for the first 10 miles then crept it up to 45 for the next 20...
  7. 2015 Mustang Water Pump

    Mine went out at something like 54K miles and had me waiting on a tow truck and a $100 towing bill. Got 75K on it now, going to just swap it again at 100K for sanity's sake. I commute 100 miles a day. It's an easy swap.
  8. i can’t be the only one who runs regular in a GT right?

    87 all the time unless the temps outside get in the upper 90's. Seems to run better on 92 during the worst part of the summer. Daily commuter, about 100 miles a day to work and back.
  9. Cooled seats not cooling

    I went 6 months before marking my territory when mine was new. It made no difference, seats were still not cooling that well. What I have found out that helps a little is to use a shop vac and suck the crap out of the holes in the seats. Well, not crap. Use of wrong word in a fart...
  10. Another water pump thread....

    Took me about 1 hour to 1.5 hour to swap it. Pretty easy job once you get all the hoses out of the way.
  11. Another water pump thread....

    My turn....Just rolled over 56K miles. Warranty expired this past November 5th since I took delivery on 11/5/14. Got out of the car in pouring rain on Monday and thought I smelled antifreeze, but didn't think twice about it. Yesterday driving home on the interstate, the over temp warning lit...
  12. Gaskets and nuts for 2019 PP1 spoiler

    Thanks Benny. I ordered the tape from Amazon and the guy I bought my spoiler from sent me the nuts. Looks like I am GTG now!
  13. Gaskets and nuts for 2019 PP1 spoiler

    I picked up a used PP1 rear spoiler but it came without the nuts (I can easily source these at a hardware store if I have to) but the biggest need is the gasket/seals that stick the wing down to the trunk lid. Are these available separate from the complete spoiler package?
  14. Florida 2019 GT PP1 Spoiler - Metallic Gray - J7

    PM sent. Son is in your area right now and can pick up for me.
  15. Pp1 spoiler value?

    I’ve been watching eBay and classifieds here. Anywhere from a low of $225 and there is one posted now that started at $400 and he has dropped down to $325 for a Face to face deal. I’m just too far away. Not sure how good it would do surviving shipping.
  16. changing my Eco-boost engine for a Gen 3 Coyote 10 speed in a 2015 chassis, it is the first one?

    Time to yank it all out and start over.... https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-6007-73
  17. Similar exhaust systems/mods to the Magnaflow Street?

    Can the ‘18 resonator be added to my ‘15 Street system as a simple bolt in? Curious to see how it would sound.
  18. Does anyone really know what’s causing the hood rot?

    I honestly thought the warranty was 5 years unlimited mileage. But Shhhhh......don’t let the wife hear this. No way to get a cool hood under warranty.
  19. Does anyone really know what’s causing the hood rot?

    Oh, forgot. Every day driver that stays parked outside. 56K miles on it. Car is kept clean. High humidity, but too far from the ocean for salt air. I’m 125 mile inland from the coast. South Carolina so no snow or salted roads. Slap ass in the middle of the state in Columbia.