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  1. Aftermarket (or FP) Tails

    OEM. Ford performance or regret. Diode Dynamics is top notch, but just about all the chinese aftermarket is trash
  2. Anybody ever watch TV auctions and get tempted to trade your Mustang for a classic muscle car?

    No. Get both. I also have a '69 Buick Skylark ( GM A-body like chevelle, gto, etc). Its a fuel injected 455, tubular suspension, disk brakes, etc riot of a rumbly car. Its seriously cool, turns heads, everyone loves it. Cruising with the window down and your arm out in nice weather is amazing...
  3. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Old thread, but installed mine today. 21 GT Premium M6 PP1, only other mod is an AWE touring exhaust. Daily driven over 120mi/day, so going with the maybe more conservative Ford tune was fine. Install was simple, even though the directions were poor. Not impressed with the fit from the rubber...
  4. Kentucky WTB wind deflector

    A what?
  5. 2023 Mustang Nite Pony Package Announced

    Which marketing dork decided to display it on Black cars that hide everything the package includes? I mean, black roof, black wing, etc...cant tell.
  6. Thoughts on Injen Evolution CAI (2020 Mustang GT Premium)

    Had one on my '20. No noticeable difference at all.
  7. My Good Chevron Fuel Experience

    It really is laughable that people will actually come in here and argue that the change in brand from one top-tier fuel to another can get you an almost 20% improvement in MPG. If that were the case, the brand would be SCREAMING it from the rooftops, car manufacturers and big .gov would mandate...
  8. Oil pressure surge at 2k?

    I've been watching it closely, it is at such a specific RPM/PSI that this is the only thing I can think of.
  9. Oil pressure surge at 2k?

    I'm familiar with that style, as I have a '72 Buick 455 that I built for my '69 Skylark. Its a complete giggle machine, just laughs and laughs...but yea, the pump is built in to the front timing cover, took a bit of sanding on a flat glass and shimming, then changing the spring to get the PSI I...
  10. My Good Chevron Fuel Experience

    There is ZERO chance that the difference between brands of top tier gasoline of the same octane is even 1 mpg.
  11. Oil pressure surge at 2k?

    New filter installed, several hour road trip completed. Still pulses at 2k. Not at 1950, not at 2050, only exactly at 2k. Super strange. Runs and indicates perfectly otherwise.
  12. Oil pressure surge at 2k?

    Hi all, 2021 GT PP1 6 speed. 9k miles. Castrol Edge 5W30 and a fram ultra filter. At steady state cruise right at 2K RPM, the gauge bounces back and forth around the 60psi mark, probably 5psi above and below. All other rpms to include idle it is perfectly steady. No funny noises, about 1K miles...
  13. BMW Heated Seats Subscription Is Real And It Costs $18 Per Month

    The '21 Acura TLX A-Spec (not cheap) I briefly had...had subscription and app based remote start. No keyfob unless you had the entire accessory kit installed at $1000. I couldn't believe a loaded $50K sedan with that BS.
  14. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    To be fair, the evaporator and the condenser are completely different components.
  15. Aftermarket exhaust question?

    There was an S550 at the local car show last week that had a single tip sticking out at an angle like 2ft, but i didnt want to get close enough to look. Let rice, rice.
  16. 10.00 for a quart of Oil

    The oil of your choice is 22-30 bucks for 5qts at WM.
  17. Windshield sunscreen

    Covercraft in all the vehicles, best there is.
  18. Did anyone else get this FordPass notification? Am I dumb or are they removing oil life, odometer, tire pressure, and fuel range from the app?

    This trend is coming. The dang $50K 2021 Acura I bought had remote start, but not on they key fob, only with the app and a subscription.