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  1. Oil Pressure Question

    I've searched the forum but haven't seen anything so I thought I'd ask. When cold or under any load I'm carrying about 100-125 psi oil pressure. When at temperature and stopped for a moment it will drop to around 30 psi. My previous 350 didn't drop that low and it seems on the low side to me...
  2. GT350 Jacking rails on a GT500?

    I've got a set of BMR jacking rails on my '17 GT350. Does anyone know if they will fit on the '20 GT500 I have on order? I may also have a spare tire kit for sale once the 350 is gone. TIA.
  3. 2019 Mid-America Shelby Meet*Pictures

    Just a few shots of 2 500's taken today at Tulsa. Fwiw, I actually thought the red non-carbon car looked better. I visited with one of the guys at FP and the only info I got was that cars would be made available to the magazines for review in the next week or so. We did get to hear the blue...
  4. Signature Question

    My sig gets cropped at two lines. It appears ok when I preview the post. How can I adjust this?