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  1. Has anyone Plasti-Dipped or powdercoated their PP2 wheels?

    Thinking of doing this and wanted to see examples of anyone else who may have already done so.
  2. Locking active exhaust mode

    Long story short, I blew the active exhaust fuse (#34) during the first session of my track day over the weekend, and she was stuck in normal mode. I replaced the fuse, threw it in track mode and pulled the fuse. Voila - track mode for the exhaust was locked in the rest of the time. I know...
  3. 2019 GT idle chatter (I don't think this is BBQ tick)

    I've read all about the BBQ tick, typewriter noises, yada yada. I don't think this is it but please tell me otherwise. This is more of an erratic "chatter" at idle that gets more harmonic/persistent as RPMs increase. It's been present since day one and the car now has 1000 miles on it...
  4. Sold - New in box Diode Dynamics LED sidemarkers $75 OBO

    Sold - Mods please close
  5. Need ideas for setting up my home garage

    My wife and I just closed on our first home last weekend, and will be gradually making some improvements and moving in over the next month. It's always been my dream to have an awesome garage setup - not just for storing/wrenching on vehicles, but as a place to hang out and use as my "man cave"...
  6. Change forum name?

    Is it possible to change my forum name w/out re-creating an account? I'd like it to match with a new license plate I'm getting.
  7. Higher than normal oil pressure after Rotella T6?

    Changed the oil over the weekend and added 5.7 quarts of Rotella T6 5w40 and a Wix 51348XP filter. I've noticed now that oil pressures seem to be reading higher than before. When cold, and under easy acceleration, I'm seeing 80-90psi, and it settles down to 60-70psi (under load) once the oil...
  8. Focus RS head swap?

    So reading though an article on the FRS in one of my old C&D mags, it notes that the 2.3 in the RS "uses a new cylinder head that is cast by Nemak and machined by Ford". I tried searching online and couldn't find anything else to confirm this. However, it got me thinking about what the...
  9. TSB for PCV?

    Tried to search but couldn't find anything. Through previous readings I know Ford changed PCVs on MY16 cars at some point, but do we know when? Is there a place to check my VIN to see if it falls under the TSB, or a way for me to visually inspect to see if I have the new or old PCV?
  10. Sold!!! Stainless Works factory connect H-pipe cat back in SW Florida

    Sold as of 4/26. Thanks all for looking.
  11. Central Florida: Mustangs and Mustangs at Fantasy of Flight

    Anyone going? It's on Saturday, April 11th. I'm thinking about driving up if I can swing it!
  12. Buying a home in about 18 months - any advice?

    So my girlfriend (soon to be fiancé) and I have recently been discussing the idea of buying a house in the future - likely July - August of 2016 to coincide with our apartment lease ending. I would love some feedback, tips, suggestions, etc. from anyone who has gone through this before. My...
  13. Akron man pooping on cars

    :lol:Lol [ame]
  14. Detailed the exterior

    Finally got some pics uploaded! Reflection in the black decklid panel!!
  15. FS: 50th anniversary package grille

    **Edit** Sold! Sold! Sold! I know some of you guys have PM'd me about my grille, and we've discussed. For all of those that may be interested, I'd let my grille go for $450 shipped. It's $928 new from Ford and I'm not really too keen on letting it go at the moment; which is why my price...
  16. Anyone want to swap tail lights?

    Not sure how many of you guys check the member's classified section, but I'm interested in swapping my 50th AP tail lights for some non-chrome trim ones. I'm in Naples. Thanks all!
  17. Anyone in Florida interested in swapping tail lights?

    My perfect condition 50th anniversary package lights with chrome trim, for your same condition non-chrome trim lights? I'm in Naples.
  18. Open hex mesh grille from Dusold Designs has arrived!

    Big thanks to M6G member Sock, from Dusold Designs, for putting this together for me. Quality is top notch! Hopefully I'll get it installed tonight or tomorrow and will post come pics.
  19. 20% off coupon at AutoGeek through today

    Just ordered a clay kit, some Blackfire polish, Dodo Juice banana and orange paste waxes and a whole bunch of other stuff to make that competition orange pop! Use code snow20 for 20% off most products. Unfortunately polishers and high dollar things are excluded
  20. Widening factory wheels *new topic*

    I posted about this months ago but would like to start a new thread as I'm very strongly considering this. Can any of the wheel gurus chime in on what I'd need as far as a spacer, etc., or if I'd have any clearance issues widening my rear 50th AP wheels to be a 19x10 or 10.5. I'd like to stick...