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  1. Help, water spots... Black car

    owning a black car means you are going to be spending more time loving the car. its going to show everything. You are going to be washing it a lot. but, all in all, the shine you get, the reflectivity you get, the absolute gorgeous look of a spotless black car is totally worth it. If you do...
  2. Who has the highest mileage S550?

    10/27/14 - About to roll over to 17000.
  3. Sport Mode Daily Driving

    I always have my manual in sport mode, unless the ground is wet.
  4. Driving to San Diego - Need advice from the locals!!

    Wife and i left Cali already because its just getting silly out there........ but, left family there and gotta go visit them. :)
  5. Downshifting and letting car slow down by itself

    one of the reasons i was very happy to get back into a manual was the engine breaking. there is a hill in my neighborhood and i get into second, and let the engine keep the car at neighborhood acceptable speeds (25) all the way down the hill.
  6. Detailed comparison: S550-S197

    I bought an 05 in 2005 and loved driving it. the upgrade, i think is an exponential improvement. for the most part, i do agree with this comparison, other then the alignment issues and such, i have not had problem one with my s550. Great write up!
  7. Driving to San Diego - Need advice from the locals!!

    Sooo.. i am driving out to San Diego a month from now. We here in Nebraska have no sense of what "Water Restriction" means, so, my car gets a weekly wash in my driveway. The trip out there, i will be completely unable to avoid kamikaze bugs, whose mission in life is to end theirs on my...
  8. My New Mustang and Word of Advice

    I agree with this 10000000%. Mine was built September 29th, 2014, and there is not a single issue that i can see with the body, engine, transimission, electronics.. This site has caused me to look and listen very very very carefully. none of it exists with my car. I do sympathize with those...
  9. Omaha\Nebraska

    Holy Shit. :paddle:
  10. Omaha\Nebraska

    Over the past week, i have seen 2 white V6 convertibles. One was on the 680 to the 80, the other was yesterday on Maple. different drivers.
  11. Farts and New Car Smell

    and.. why am i not surprised that there are now 62 responses to a fart thread?
  12. Farts and New Car Smell

    I say Let loose. Methane dissipates quickly and you will never get into your car and say "OMG who farted?!? Oh, that was me a week ago"
  13. Omaha\Nebraska

    i know... Right??
  14. How can we get this look?

    Front end looks like a big mouth bass.
  15. 2017 Ford Mustang will outperform Chevy Camaro in every way

    no one owns a GM. GM owns all of their cars. this is what their lawyers are saying. they are letting people drive them, but no one except GM owns them.
  16. Great job GM.. Just in time to kill the Camero aftermarket

  17. Camaro Watch: Revealed Early

    SO... i looked this car over. I dislike the front grille being so huge underneath, my same complaint about "The Rocket" mustang. I dislike the back of the car being so much more narrow than the front. i dislike the tail lights, as they are trying to make their Pony car look like their super car...
  18. 2015 EcoBoost Mustang: Pony With A Power Problem (Jalopnik review)

    how the hell is someone going to review a car based on a RENTAL that already had 1100 miles on it?
  19. Anything wrong with cooled seats?

    they work the way i want them to. On a hot day, the butt of the seat gets very hot, if i start my car and let the seat coolers run, that is exactly what i want them to cool. Very happy with them!
  20. My 3 topless girls

    darn, not what i was hoping to see clicking on this thread... :)