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  1. From 2019 PP 2 to 2020 Wimbledon White Heritage Edition

    I'm quickly realizing that dealers, and used car sites for that matter, are not acknowledging the PP1 vs. PP2 distinction; which really concerns me for future valuation when I'm serious about trading. Pricing is ALL over the place right now. Carvana offered me $36.1k as a straight buy; and...
  2. From 2019 PP 2 to 2020 Wimbledon White Heritage Edition

    OP - Curious to know what the dealer gave on you trade for your PP2? I was just offered $31k for my 2019 with 1800 miles and I politely walked out.
  3. 2019 grey PP2 for sale Sayville ford. Trying to find original owner.

    Is the OP still interested in a PP2 car? Considering selling mine. 2019 w/1800 miles. Sits in the garage under a cover most of the time.
  4. Has anyone Plasti-Dipped or powdercoated their PP2 wheels?

    Thinking of doing this and wanted to see examples of anyone else who may have already done so.
  5. 2019 GT idle chatter (I don't think this is BBQ tick)

    Just to update this, I did the first oil change with PUP and then ran it hard at an HPDE event. No typewriter tick since...
  6. Locking active exhaust mode

    Long story short, I blew the active exhaust fuse (#34) during the first session of my track day over the weekend, and she was stuck in normal mode. I replaced the fuse, threw it in track mode and pulled the fuse. Voila - track mode for the exhaust was locked in the rest of the time. I know...
  7. 2019 GT idle chatter (I don't think this is BBQ tick)

    Well hell, I guess I oddly feel a little better now :shrug:
  8. 2019 GT idle chatter (I don't think this is BBQ tick)

    I've read all about the BBQ tick, typewriter noises, yada yada. I don't think this is it but please tell me otherwise. This is more of an erratic "chatter" at idle that gets more harmonic/persistent as RPMs increase. It's been present since day one and the car now has 1000 miles on it...
  9. Rattling EBrake?

    Mine does this too, but more at a certain RPM/harmonic resonance than a set speed. I've found that ever so slightly pulling up on the handle makes it go away.
  10. Where are your next events?

    Some colleagues from work for an HPDE event through Just Track It.
  11. Where are your next events?

    Nice! I'll be up there the following week.
  12. Where are your next events?

    Just signed up for a track day at The Firm in Starke, FL with Just Track It. This will be my first track day and I'm beyond excited.
  13. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Just over 3 months old now. Have added matte black badges, Steeda H-pipe and 15% window tint.
  14. PP2 Owners Chipped Paint

    I had the paint chip in the exact same spot on my magnetic PP2. Noticed it the evening after I brought it home. Honestly, I didn't feel like dealing with them - taking the car back, arguing if it's covered or not, waiting to get it back, worrying about overspray and whatever else they might...
  15. For anyone thinking about doing the Steeda H-pipe on a 18-19 GT...

    Steeda H-pipe with active exhaust here. Love the sounds, and the capability to change it based on time of day, etc. Couldn't be happier with the decision.
  16. CJ Pony Parts Forum Discount Code

    Have a cart full of goodies and ready to order. Would certainly appreciate a discount code to help eat up those shipping costs! :)
  17. is doing exhaust on a 2019 GT necessary?

    You want to sell that H-pipe? :)