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  1. How to create the burble ? Exhaust notes of supercharged S550s

    Hi Phil, I'm seriously thinking about getting the Harrop on mine. Love the sound from your clip. I also have the Roush Quad Tip exhaust which itself make a nice burble. I would be keen to get in touch with you to discuss your thoughts on the Harrop and who installed it. I also live local to you...
  2. LineLock enable in Sync 3

    Ok, so here is the process I follow... once connected to vehicle with Forscan, I open up Table to view PID's in table mode, I then select ABS module and open.. then There are in fact many options to select but none are to do with Line Lock..? Same goes for the IPC module..?? It is odd..??
  3. LineLock enable in Sync 3

    This is where my problem is.? I have the OBD link MX andForscan, i have access with my car, I can call up both the ABS and IPC modules but the Line Lock option does not appear in these..? Is it under another title.? I have searched all the modules but no description on this..? Any thoughts on...
  4. LineLock enable in Sync 3

    Hi guys, I need help on this topic also. I have a 2017 Sync3 car and I am having trouble enabling this feature.? I have accessed the ABS and IPC modules using Forscan but there is no "line lock" description box to tick.? Does it have another name hidden within these modules.? Also, there is no...
  5. Car Door Seals

    Thought I would share this. Yesterday I hired a GT from Hertz and noticed that the door seals on both sides were badly "pinched" and the doors would catch when you opened them, even though the windows automatically drop to assist in the opening.?? Any others had this experience.? The car had...
  6. Booked on the FIDELIO ...ETA 8th Dec

    So we are not identical twins then
  7. Booked on the FIDELIO ...ETA 8th Dec

    We have twins then... Hope they don't get them mixed up. Mine also has the OTT stripes.:cheers:
  8. When to expect order placed Jan 2016?

    Yeah that's all, resale only. It's funny how people think. They see 2016/2017 as a 1 year diff.??. I've experienced this quite a few times over the years. Anyway, not planning to sell it anytime soon...
  9. When to expect order placed Jan 2016?

    Mine too. After nearly 4 weeks wait at the docks.. Should be at the dealer in Sydney at around the 14th Dec. I go away on 3 weeks Hol's from the 15th. Bummer.:doh: Maybe I will ask them to hold it till I return on Jan 2nd and register it as a 2017 car. ???
  10. Mustang Migration to Oz

    Does this mean the Tonsberg is also now full. ?? Damn, I've been at the docks since about the 19th Sept. Next ship after is Fidelio, that means 6 six weeks on the docks. That's if I even make it on the Fidelio. ?? Oh well so long as it arrives b4 xmas.:(
  11. When to expect order placed Jan 2016?

    Mine was built on the 9th but don't know how to tell when it actually arrived at the docks.??. It also has stripes... Still waiting for a ship ??
  12. Mustang Migration to Oz

    Lucky you, super jealous. My order date and build date similar to you yet "no records found". How come you Melbournians get twice as many car loads as us Sydney folk. ?? Congrats anyway....
  13. Aussie Exhausts

    Hi Guy's, I too will be upgrading my exhaust when my car arrives in about 6 weeks. I am a big fan of the Quad Tip look and have purchased the Roush "passive" AB. I am an Engineer and have built my own "active" system with a remote control open/close function (no wires). The cars a daily D for me...
  14. Mustang Migration to Oz

    Mine too was built earlier this month (ordered 4th Jan 16) so patiently waiting dockside for the next ship. FYI the Figaro is due to depart on the 4th Oct so hopefully we all make this ship.?? Next one after is the Tamesis which departs on the 17th Oct....

    Hi Deysha, what is the best way to contact you regards details of my order.? I believe it is due to be built shortly.? VIN 1FA6P8CF0H5232302 Thanks heaps