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  1. Oil pan revisions

    GR3Z-6675-E is the new part number. My car has been sitting for a while waiting for a new Oil Pan. The dealer cant get it to stop leaking after doing the OPG and says the manual says to replace it. It looks like the pan may have went through some revisions. Does anyone have any info?
  2. Thanks Steve!

    Had a slight issue with an older product. Steve had a replacement piece in the mail right away. Thanks Again!
  3. EVAP fuel tank pressure sensor

    My sensor looks to have went out, or possibly has come loose. It reads 64-65k 99 percent of the time with the engine running. It does read a proper value if the engine is off. Car was acting like it had a intermittent vacuum leak. Both this sensor appears broken and the purge valve would...
  4. itb's

    ITB's not a voodoo but data nonetheless. [ame]
  5. Timing guides / tensioners

    How important is it to upgrade these components. The consensus seems to be OPG and CSS. But opinions are all over the place on the other upgrades, especially for a street car. Does the voodoo have boss tensioners, or standard 5.0 units? I know one unfortunate guy that had a piece of tensioner...
  6. QA1 verus Driveshaft shop CF driveshafts

    Cheapest prices I can find puts the QA1 approx 300 dollars more. I am planning on the RXT and the QA1 with MGW shifter. Budget is an issue so outside of the weight differences, and at least one report the driveshaft shop didn't fit a car with MGW what are the other considerations? The data and...
  7. cheap tire for burnouts, street abuse?

    https://simpletire.com/cooper-325-30r19-90000020060-tires almost to cheap to believe, but it might be a 5k mile tire.
  8. last straw with dealers - resonator delete voids warranty

    My car began making a noise from the rear of the vehicle. sounds like sanford and sons from 1.5-2k rpm. In parking lots its like a 1973 beater. I thought it might be due to a body repair made to the rear of the vehicle 3 weeks ago, they changed the entire piece surrounding exhaust. So...
  9. Lund tune acting up again

    Not necessarily the tunes fault, but my ECU is once again inferring a high alcohol percentage which then on the FF tune dorks around with AFR / Timing parameters. I tried a bottle of injector cleaner right before, maybe this caused the issue no way to tell until I refill completely. I'm going to...
  10. Ford CEO leaves with 51 mil

    https://www.marketbeat.com/articles/fords-ex-ceo-leaves-company-with-511-million-2017-05-26/ not bad for a 40 percent decrease in stock price over 3 years with the overall market rising
  11. gt350 transmission explosion / fire

    Texas World Speedway this past weekend. Driver downshifted going from 4th to 3rd and transmission exploded. Made it to turn one corner worker where the fire extinguished. Coming off turn one at 130 mph, should have stayed in 4th.
  12. oil leak

    well drove her last night, All was fine plenty of oil pressure. Went out this afternoon and I have a small oil puddle under the engine. I hope its just a loose filter. Last change was about 2800 miles ago at a Ford dealer in Morgantown. Do I just call the closest dealer and have it towed in?
  13. Competition

    Chevy has announced the pricing for the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport, which will be priced at $66,445 for coupe models and $70,445 for the convertible. Considering the new base price for 2017, if the 5k ADM holds for most will be in the 63-65k range this is something to really consider. Local...
  14. reset the KAM

    I disconnected the battery for over 30 min, but did not use a jumper to connect terminals. This seemed to reset trims as the car idled rough and smoothed out but the alcohol learn flag was retained. Does anyone know how to force a Alc relearn?
  15. Oil blow by and catch can results

    I changed my oil at 600 miles and added a separator / catch can at that time. I also changed the oil at 3kish. I am at 4k now and based on others that have reported being over a quart low and also others that had relatively high amounts of oil in their cans I realized I needed to check and drain...
  16. YouTube videos of limp mode

    I wonder if people started uploading and linking to YouTube vids of limp mode that wouldn't help. if we supported and clicked / promoted them on social media we could get more buzz. Buzz is the only thing that will motivate a large organization that answers to shareholders. 30-40 pissed off...