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  1. Help identifying where carpet retainers go

    Beginning of the year I gutted the interior of the car due to a leak. FInally today I'm putting everything back together. I have a few left over pieces that for the life of me can't remember where they go. Anyone have any idea where These go? I have 4 of them and do not see where they would go...
  2. New Jersey Shift Knob with Ford Performance Logo

    Like New. Genuine Ford OEM knob. $50.00
  3. Another water leak found? 2015 GT

    Thank you for the reply, and what a sigh of relief!
  4. Another water leak found? 2015 GT

    Lately I've been finding puddles underneath my exhaust tips. Water isn't coming from the tips, but from above them, and running down the pipe. I'm hoping I don't have another leak, as I just got done fixing 3 of them (window seam seals, and third brake light). Anyone experience this, or know if...
  5. New Jersey 15-17 GT350R Leather Suede Steering wheel

    Great condition! Will need to transfer your wheel electronics over. $225.00
  6. New Jersey WTB Rear seat delete 2015

    Need one asap. Can pick up around northern NJ, or pay for shipping. Thank you!
  7. Need part number for retainer clips

    Looks like 5/8 x 1/2
  8. Need part number for retainer clips

    Looking at OEM clips from fard, they have part numbers, but I cannot seem to find this specific one. I need about 4 of them
  9. Need part number for retainer clips

    Anyone know the part number for these metal retainer clips? So many out there, it looks like a specific one for this panel. The part number for the panel is FR3B-6331013-ALW. Thanks for any help
  10. Water leak from wheel well

    It turned out to be the seam seal or lack there of a seal in the corner rear window
  11. Water leak from wheel well

    Not sure to be honest. It has to be coming from inside somewhere. Like I said the car hasnt been driven in months.
  12. Water leak from wheel well

    Exactly. I fixed 2 leaks already it's been to Ford and 2 body shops with no answers. The car is sitting and is not being driven at the moment, and puddles are found days after it rains
  13. Water leak from wheel well

    This is the back end of the car
  14. Water leak from wheel well

    They are huge puddles under the car. On sunny days. I've never used the AC or defrost in this car. It's not coming from a drain it's coming from a seam underneath above the quarter panel window
  15. Water leak from wheel well

    Not sure. I don't use the AC or defrost. How do you access it?
  16. Water leak from wheel well

    So many leaks in this thing it's driving me crazy. So far 2 have been fixed. Front windshield seam, and third brake light. There is a leak somewhere coming from the wheel well area, and I notice puddels in front of the passenger rear tire even when it's not raining. The inside is bone dry, so I...
  17. Floor pan patches

    Well I'll be dipped. Went back out with a fresh set of batteries in the flashlight and found the trail. And its right below the window weatherstripping that looks to be loose
  18. Floor pan patches

    Looks like its coming from the rear. Headliner is bone dry as is the third brake light area. There are no trails leading to this pool of water which baffles me, and there is a pool on the ground right under the fuel pump area