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  1. Stripes?

    I was thinking Boss 302 stripes
  2. Livernois 2.3L Ecoboost Forged Rotating Assembly

    Torque is gonna be the limiting factor for rods.
  3. For the companies/vendors only supplying EB products...

    The more heat that is produced, the more fuel you need to cool the cylinder. So, not having an IC that is going to cool down BAT's will require more fuel than a system that is properly cooled.
  4. Ceramic Interior

    You got your daughter's car off? You cheeky monkey.
  5. Cobb or Bama

    To your last three questions. yes, yes, yes. On the fly while driving.
  6. ....

    HPFP and and new in tank will take care of the fueling issue. The car has barely started to ramp up in support. To me, this is the new EvoX. You will see this car ripping up the track in the next couple years.
  7. FFTec CAI Installed! Pics posted.. Vid coming at some point lol.

    I like the MMR more because it has a one piece construction. I have noticed near ambient IAT's with it too at about 30 mph.
  8. GT PP front splitter on Ecoboost?

    found it here for 480 http://www.oemfordpart.com/oe-ford/fr3z17d957ba
  9. ...

    Any boost leaks? I am curious about getting this or waiting for the turbo smart BOV to come out. If it doesn't leak at 23PSI, then I don't mind.
  10. Official S550 Mustang Owners Registry

    Competition Orange PP Ecoboost 12/7/14
  11. FFTec in the EB Mustang Arena

    I like the ultimate racing IC set-up. It is a bit expensive, but I like the SSQV HKS option.
  12. Ecoboost Emblems?

    I like this last one
  13. Pro Tuning from Delicious Tuning

    I am very interested to get a D tune. I have seen what you guys do with the BRZ's.
  14. Boost on custom tunes

    If you look at the updated map notes it says peak 23psi +- 3psi
  15. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Will someone please post a comp orang coupe with a grabber blue double stripe?
  16. new vinyl

    Where do you get this? I would really like to have this on my car. T.T
  17. Best/Worst comments from family, friends, enemies about your car

    That is one of the things that drew me to the car. It looks more like a modern car and drives like a modern sports car. Yes, a sports car.