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  1. Mustang Wagon

    Who would buy a Mustang Wagon?
  2. Broken down

    So like the you tube video were they remove the factory oil cooler?? [ame]
  3. Broken down

    Has anyone installed the FORD MUSTANG GT OIL COOLER KIT, 2015+ by Mishimoto? I was wondering if its worth the replacement.
  4. Aircon stopped working

    My is 14 months old 5000km and same problem AC failed. Dealer told me to wait in line they have eight cars in front of mine with the same problem. The service tech that looked at mine told me he wasn't looking forward to summer this year with all the AC failures that they are expecting.
  5. LineLock enable in Sync 3

    You need to enable line lock in ABS module and the IPC module with the forscan.
  6. Front Tribar LED with Sequential Turn MOD! (new thread)

    The led boards are the US ones from a crashed car. I was lucky a year ago to get one light sent to Australia then was able to get another. I started with the colours DD lights but they went really a bright white so i pullout the led boards from the US light and the factory drivers, re wired the...
  7. Front Tribar LED with Sequential Turn MOD! (new thread)

    You don't need a large cutout the Leds slide in over the pins easy, then with a little araldite glue on the pins its done.
  8. alarm system chirping

    Goto the following and download the software. You have to register and they will send you a code its free. http://www.forscan.org/download.html You need to buy an OBDLink MX Bluetooth device Heres the thread how to do things http://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61773 Also...
  9. alarm system chirping

    Yes the S550 does have an alarm It can be done by using the Forscan software and entering the as-built data Door Lock Horn Honk (2x Press on Fob) (BdyCM) 726-38-02 xxxX xxxx xxxx 1 (Enabled) 0 (Disabled) For some reason the AU cars are set at 726-38-02 6002 0100 00CA By changing to...
  10. Streetfighter 820FwHp Mustang Upgrade

    So Around about 520 RWKW?
  11. Heat from exhaust.

    No heat problems with Di Fillipo headers and full exhaust system.
  12. Dyno sheets?

    Car is a Manual.
  13. Dyno sheets?

    The Green is Stock, Purple was with the cold air in take and tune, the blue is with the headers and exhaust with more of a tune added. Oh yes she pulls hard now next step is a GT 350 manifold with a BBK 90mm throttle body.
  14. Dyno sheets?

    Mine Di Filippo headers and full exhaust, Blue power racing cold air intake and tune.
  15. Mustang order cycle times - spreadsheet

    Please update my record with the specific dates: Ordered: 11/02/2015 NSC: 02/12/2015 VIN: 02/12/2015 Build: 04/02/2016 Delivery: 21/04/2016
  16. Who has headers?

    Theo picked up mine yesterday hopefully getting fitted Thursday. Call Theo at Blue Power Racing they are doing installs for Difillipo . Both Theo and Chris love these cars and are doing amazing work and research on them. There phone number is 03 9305 3000
  17. Who has headers?

    I have difillipo headers with 3" Magnaflow x pipe to Magnaflow street series and its loud, you wouldn't won't to connect headers to the competition series magnaflow. It measures at 117db at 3500rpm snap the throttle and hits 128db. I am getting the full Difillipo system fitted in a couple of...
  18. Who has headers?

    Go the Difillipo headers great gains and makes the car loud.
  19. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Re fitted the new DD drivers they work perfect with the engine running.
  20. Front Tribar LED with Sequential Turn MOD! (new thread)

    The new DD drivers work, even with the engine running.