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  1. Built engine oil squirters?

    What is the benefit of removing the piston oil squirters? Having them can help piston temperatures down and reduce knock. Why not just modify the piston to keep the squirters?
  2. Best return fuel system

    I got this set up. It works awesome and I don’t think there’s any fuel system out there close to it for the price. You can use it like stock and pulse with modify, you can run it as a return style. you can run two Walbro fuel pumps and not have to worry about the siphon system, because they...
  3. Engine stroke

    I have a crankshaft and the manufacturer says that it’s 3.650 stroke but requires a 5.850 rod. This is what they sent me If anyone understands.
  4. Gapless rings

    I have been looking and have not found any coyotes using gapless rings. Does anybody know of an example of this or have any experience with this?
  5. California K-Member

    I have a street BMR k-member for a s550 new never installed. come 100% complete including all hardware fits 2015-2023 $350 or trade
  6. California ceramic coated long tube headers

    willing to sell but looking to trade for a set of shortys
  7. choosing pistons

    pretty much all the top piston manufacturers have solid products. Where people make mistakes is choosing the material. can someone explain to me why 2618 is a better choice than 4032 or vice-versa?
  8. does on3 equal eBay

    I just bought the on three single turbo kit for my F150 and I noticed that the bov looks exactly the same as one from ebay. also, the waste gate is the exact same as eBay also the intercooler I believe they get all their parts from the same suppliers as ebay and put them in a kit. the one...