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  1. Discount code?

    Hi Benny, I am looking to pick up a few things for the ole whip. Do y'all have these in stock and offer a discount? Ford Performance M-FR3A-M8A (Track Handling Pack) Ford Performance M-9603-M8A (Power Pack 2) Would you recommend the Handling Fastener Kit or no? Ford Performance M-FR3-FASTENA...
  2. Florida GT350 Throttle Body with adapter & GT350 CAI

    Dang, thanks for the follow-up. Good luck with the sale!
  3. Florida GT350 Throttle Body with adapter & GT350 CAI

    Does the tune come with it too? or is that registered with Ford once used (thought I heard that somewhere but not sure)
  4. Tennessee/Middle TN

    I told you wrong...its actually Music City Mustang Club now that I looked up their site. I would assume they would be open to all Middle TN Mustang owners. I have seen them at Cars and Coffee Nashville and everyone was incredibly nice! I believe they meet at least one Thursday a month to plan...
  5. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Thanks! I sent a request to join the FB group, I am curious how many there or on here might potentially be apart of the Mid TN Mustang Club that meets around Nashville.
  6. Tennessee/Middle TN

    So I know there is the Mid TN Facebook group which I plan to join but just wanted to introduce myself as a fellow TN owner from Nashville!
  7. BBQ Tick After Oil Change...

    So for all that have the bbq tick couldn't we band together and put in enough complaints to the NHTSA that Ford would have to issue a TSB? https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/ *Just a thought*
  8. Introduce yourself!!

    Hey guys! Name is Thom and have been wanting a Mustang since I was about nine (specifically a Terminator), after almost 18 years I was finally in the position to pull the trigger on a 6 Speed '17 GT PP and am about 7k miles in and couldn't be happier! Its currently my daily so my mods will be...