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  1. ESS G3 - Upr Billet Dual Inlet Breather (Filter saturated with oil)

    Pictures? I vent straight to atmosphere with no catch can and have no oil in my breathers.
  2. Throwing codes like bad apples

    Change plugs to ngk6510
  3. Help with Procharger noise!!

    You need to check belt alignment. A old belt might not have a problem but a new belt is new and tight. Check alignment
  4. 700-800whp e85 fuel rail upgrade for 2018+ mandatory?

    Fuel rails are dirt cheap. Why not just get them
  5. Preventing Engine Failure Gen3 Coyote

    If you change the oil pump gears you might as well do the crank sprocket, put on boss tensioners, a MMR secondary tensioner flip bracket, GT 350 primary timing chains, aftermarket secondary chains. This is the bare minimum you should do if you are going to open it up.
  6. Issues w/serpentine belt shredding

    If this is a system that uses one belt for everything. When you install the first bracket (the one against the timing cover) there’s 3 spacers. 2 are the same but 1 is different. They have to go in the correct location or this will happen
  7. P0135 after LTH install, how to fix?

    Ok this is a circuit code so it’s ether not connected because of a damaged wire or unplugged or damaged 99% chance damage happened or was caused by the header install. Just get a new 02 sensor and check the wires when you install it. Done
  8. Installing Larger Diameter Tires (Ford mechanic input needed)

    As long as the diameter is within the minimum and maximum it doesn’t matter what size you run. The bcm is constantly monitoring this and making adjustments as it will directly affect the transmission on an automatic. On a manual it’s still going to be monitored because it can effect torque...
  9. Anyone running LTH brand LTHs?

    Headers will not void the warranty but a tune will. A tune is not needed for just headers. if you have a Lund tune you do not need a retune for headers
  10. Oil amount Built Motor

    They probably were swapping out the gen2 shortblock to a gen3. If the gen3 was ordered new it would not come with an oil pan. So to make everything work with what they had they just reused the pan.
  11. Oil amount Built Motor

    A gen2 pan is a simple bolt into the gen3
  12. Question about knock

    +9 keep it up and you will be building a engine Is there a reason why you’re not on e85?
  13. Built engine oil squirters?

    Maybe that’s one of the reasons why gen3 coyotes hold so much oil. For a rod and piston daily driver build would it be better to keep or plug them?
  14. Built engine oil squirters?

    What is the benefit of removing the piston oil squirters? Having them can help piston temperatures down and reduce knock. Why not just modify the piston to keep the squirters?
  15. Best return fuel system

    I thought the budget was right on as I already bought everything. The bucket is already installed and everything fit fine. But this was put in a f150 so the mustang might have less room to work with, not sure. On the f150 the stock wiring and fuse are setup for 40 amps. As for draining the...
  16. Best return fuel system

    First I didn’t say 1000 wheel But sense you asked for it when that day comes I will be happy to
  17. Best return fuel system

    I know that you have some very nice fuel systems available. I’m not doubting any of them. I don’t think any of them can support 1000 hp on e85 for under $1000. this kit $200 2 walbro 525 pumps $400 10an hose and fittings $100 Filter and regulator $100 Wiring with Hobbs switch or with a second...
  18. Best return fuel system

    You get everything you see in black
  19. Best return fuel system

    Anodized billet aluminum